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Keepsake Urns

We take pride in the standards of our Keepsake urns and we hope that the exclusive range we can provide will help in this difficult time.
The miniature cremation urns are perfect for a loving memento and come in various designs including keepsake urn hearts and small star urns aswell as more traditional styles. Please feel free to contact us at anytime.

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What is a keepsake urn / mini urn / small urn?

A miniature cremation urn is a smaller version of a traditional urn that is designed to hold a small (or ‘keepsake’) amount of ashes of a loved one. A smaller amount of remains is contained within a keepsake urn and the remaining ashes are either split between multiple keepsake urns for family members to keep or they are scattered via a scattering tube and separate ceremony.

Do you offer keepsake urn sets?

We do offer keepsake urn sets, please contact us if you want to order multiple amounts of the same urn

Do you offer Keepsake Jewellery

We are able to provide a lovely range of keepsake jewellery including necklaces an rings, which will be added to the site in due course, please contact us and we can provide you with full details.

How much does a keepsake urn hold?

The keepsake urns we provide hold a varying amount of remains from 0.04 litres up to 0.1 litre – please see individual products for more information.

How to fill a keepsake urn?

We usually recommend that your funeral director or crematorium aid in the filling of your keepsake urn, most funeral directors will be happy to help. Most of our miniature urns are secured with a screw back for the best possible seal.

Do you offer urn engraving

We do not currently offer engraving on our keepsake urns. Please see individual products for details of the items suitability for engraving. For ease, we recommend visiting your funeral director or an engraver so you can be perfectly at ease with your specific engraving message.

Keepsake urn box

We are currently looking into providing a range of keepsake urn boxes for the safe storage of treasured memories. Please contact us and we can provide details.

Can I use the mini urns for pets?

Yes, these mini urns can also be used for pets of all sizes, to either place a small amount of the pet remains or in some cases the full amount of remains. Please refer to our size chart in order to determine if your pets remains will fit inside our mini urns

Showing all 11 results