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Custom Urns

Urnsforashes.co.uk are pleased to offer a unique service to the UK funeral sector by supplying a range of 100% customisable urns for ashes. Prices start from £700 and every detail of your loved ones memorial urn can be customised, please contact us for more information.

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    • Custom sizes for keepsake amount or could be made to hold full amount of remains
    • 100% customisable to fit your needs
    • Lightweight for easy handling
    • A choice of display bases
    • Large opening for easy loading
    • Time frames vary, minimum time is 2 weeks
    • Urn can be delivered internationally for an extra charge

Our Custom Urns are an innovative and unique product to remember a loved one and full embrace their life.

We can offer 2 styles of urn, our standard custom urns and our figurine urns.

Our Custom Urns can come in a range of sizes so can be made to hold the full amount of ashes or a keepsake amount if you wish for a smaller model.
The model is placed on a marble base and an engraved plaque attached so you can place a person message of your choice. The urn is filled and sealed from the bottom and can be performed by your funeral director if you so wish.
The range is limitless and we can even produce a 3d image of the deceased if you so wish, we will just require a few front facing photos to make this as life like as possible.

Our Figurine Urns also come in a range of sizes and to make the product even more personal we can scan your loved ones face onto the figurine to create an everlasting memorial.
The figurine is filled with a token amount of ashes and then sealed onto a base of your choice – engraving can be applied via a plaque, but this will require the base to be larger than that on the image.

All of our customised urns are made using the latest in 3d printing technology, please feel free to contact us with any of your personal needs or questions.

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