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Silver Keepsake Heart Urn

pewter silver urn
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Classical Urn

silver urn
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Halcyon Urn

silver tri urn
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Harmony Pewter Urn

taxi urn
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Taxi Urn

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Golf Urns for Ashes

custom ferrari urn for ashes
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Replica Car Urn

Custom Urns

We are pleased to offer these personalised cremation urns, a new and unique service to the UK funeral sector that allows you to design your own urn. Our team of award winning designers and artists, collaborate with families across the UK to create 100% customised urns for ashes. Our passion is helping families and with our new service we can help create a memory that will last a lifetime. 100% unique and able to capture intrinsic details, our bespoke urns are more like pieces of art, they are incomparable to anything else anywhere in the UK. Please take a look at a sample of the products we can create. We would be honoured to help create something memorable for you and your family.