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Water Burial

A burial at sea is a popular choice, especially for people who have lived by the coast and found tranquillity within the waves. Our broad range of water soluble urns provide the perfect farewell if you are looking at scattering ashes at sea. Please take a look over our range of water urns and read our frequently asked questions below, if you are in need of any further assistance, please feel free to call or email us.

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    • One of our most popular biodegradable ranges
    • Eco friendly
    • 5 featured design finishes (sand, quartz, aqua, pearl & blue wave)
    • Features real sand & quartz on selected textured designs
    • 3.3 litre capacity
    • All designs come with a free soluble bag
    • Detailed footprint design on the sand and quartz
    • Designed to float very briefly before sinking
    • Easy to attached lid
    • Suitable for both land and sea burial
    • Free delivery & returns
    • elegant design (2 finishes)
    • Elegant range of biodegradable urs
    • Made with natural vegetable gelatine
    • completed with an elegant aqua or opal finish
    • minimal, elegant design
    • water sealed
    • 3.3 litre capacity
    • 100% biodegradable
    • uitable for land burial or sea burial
    • Protective package and suitable for air transport
    • Free soluble bag included
    • Free delivery and returns
    • One of our most popular biodegradable ranges
    • Eco friendly
    • textured finishes (beach sand & white quartz
    • Features real sand & quartz
    • 3.5 litre capacity
    • All designs come with a free soluble bag
    • Hand finished patterned design around the edge
    • Designed to float very briefly before sinking
    • Easy to fix lid
    • Suitable for both land and sea burial
    • Free delivery & returns
    • Eco Friendly Biodegradable urn
    • Suitable for both land & water burial
    • Made from sustainably resourced paper
    • Individually handmade design
    • 5 elegant designs
    • Available in 3 sizes – keepsake, adult size & extra large
    • Easy to fill
    • Free Water Soluble bag with
    • Free delivery and returns
    • Eco Friendly Water Soluble Bag for Ashes
    • Made from 100% PVA which is safe for the environment
    • Made from sustainable resources
    • Free Delivery in the UK
    • 40cm x 30cm

Will the Urn Float?

Most of our water urns are designed to float for a short period of time, before sinking slowly to the bottom of the sea, where they will gradually dissolve and become one with the water over a short period of time.

How Long Will it Take to Dissolve?

This varies on the design, most of our water urns will dissolve, once submerged within 5-10 minutes. Our Salt Urns take considerably longer, but the natural breakdown of the urn will occur under the water.

What are the Laws on Water Burials?

The laws for UK water burials are fairly relaxed, when compared to that of other countries.
If you are looking to scatter ashes in a river, Scattering ashes on water – laws, you are free to do so, with the exception that you do not place any additional items into the water with the ashes (eg metals, plastics etc)

If you are planning on scattering at sea, again you do not need any special license or permission. The 2 main options for sea burial are from a boat or at the waters edge.
A boat ceremony may be the best option for you if you want a private send off or if you want to find a more secluded area. If you are looking to hire a boat, please get in touch and we can point you in the right direction, depending on where you live.
If you are looking to scatter the ashes of your loved on at the waters edge, there are a few things to plan ahead as to make sure your ceremony goes to plan. First, make sure you check the tide times, it is best to scatter ashes, or use a water urn, on a low tide to prevent any ashes remaining on the beach.

It is advisable to choose a quieter location, away from crowds of people or at a quiet time of the day.
Please read our scattering ashes page for the full laws and regulations of scattering your loved ones ashes.

Can I Take the Ashes Overseas?

If you are looking to take the ashes overseas, please read our section on overseas travel with ashes.

How Long Will the Urns Last Out of Water?

Most of our water urns are built to last long term out of water and so are suitable for storing ashes until the times come when you want to scatter them. Just be aware that if the container does get wet, it will begin to biodegrade. Please see individual products for full information.

Can I Place Other Items in the Urn?

As mentioned above, the environmental agency states that anything that is non-biodegradable cannot be cast out into the water.

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