What Size Urn Do I Need For Human Ashes?

What size urn do I need to order?

As an industry rule of thumb, for every 1lb the deceased weighed at the time of death the urn should have at least 1 cubic inch in volume.  So 1lb = 1 cubic inch

Translated into imperial measures, the below table should help you decide the size of the urn you need. Typically, an urn for human ashes comes in 2.5-3.5 litres to hold the full remains and this will be suitable for 99% of cases.

Ashes Urn Size Guide

Volume of Human Ashes

POUNDS (Deceased Weight)URN VOLUME (Cubic Inches)URN VOLUME (Litres)STONE(Deceased Weight)KG (Deceased Weight)WEIGHT OF ASHES (Approx)
1lb1 cubic inch17 millilitres0.0720.45kg13 grams
62lb62 cubic inches1 Litre4.5 Stone28.5kg0.85 kg
168lb168 cubic inches2.8 Litres12 Stone76.2kg2.17 kg

Important Note: Height is also a contributing factor towards the total size you will need. Taller people will inherently have longer bones so there will be more ash. Fat is burnt away during the cremation process, so will have less of a bearing on the final amount of ashes. This should be taken into account when calculating the urn you will need. 

How heavy are cremated remains? How much do ashes weigh?

Ashes will weigh approximately 3.5% of the body’s weight.

Again, there are a number of factors, but the industry rule of thumb is that the ashes will weigh approximately 3.5% of the body’s weight.
The calculation looks like this:
Weight X 0.035 = Weight of Ashes
EG 12 stone is 168lbs x 0.035 = 5.88lbs in ashes

Urn For Ashes Calculator