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Companion Urn

We currently offer 2 bespoke designed companion urns for ashes. Both our Floral companion urn and our silver companion urn are suitable for the full remains of 2 people to help a loving couple spend eternity together.
Our companion urns for two persons are designed with the customer in mind, providing a safe secure lid and a solid, distinguished design, please contact us with any questions you might have.

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Do you offer companion urn jewellery

We do have an extensive range of companion urn jewellery that we will be adding to the site soon, please contact us to receive the full details.

Are your companion urns suitable for burial?

You are free to bury our companion urns but they will not bio degrade due to their brass design, this may or may not suit your needs. Alternately please see our biodegradable urns for a selection of eco-friendly urns.

Where can I keep ashes of my partner before I place them into the companion urn?

You can place the ashes into the companion urn and keep the urn where you wish until them time for the additional ashes to be placed inside. Alternately you can store your loved ones ashes at a dedicated vault, Secure Haven provide this service for you, we recommend you to contact them.

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