Below we have tried to compile some of the most important and frequently asked questions we receive from our users.
Please note that we have also included more in depth information on our product category pages

For example, our Cremation Urns page contains a wealth of information underneath the individual products, please take the time to read through all of this as well as the resources under the ‘Advice’ tab at the top of our site, we have worked hard to bring you as much and as details information of everything to do with cremation.

What Size Urn Do I Need?

We use and the industry standard to calculate urn size is based on the below formula which will be suitable to hold the full amount of a humans ashes.

Deceased WeightUrn Capacity
1 Stone0.25 Litres
4 Stone1 Litre
1 lb1 cubic inch

Who Gets the Ashes After a Cremation?

How Long is a Cremation Service?

How Long After Death is a Funeral?

What is Direct Cremation?

What is a Prepaid Direct Cremation Plan?

Burying Ashes

Are Urns Sealed Shut?

All urns are sealed in some way. The most common method for sealing an urn is via a screw lid, which you will find on most of our metal urns for ashes.
The smaller, keepsake urns may be secured via a screw-shut compartment and our biodegradable urns are usually self-securing, with a small amount of water being added to secure the lid prior to burial / scattering.
Our range of garden urns, mainly require a weatherproof sealant to seal the urn shut.
Ceramic urns typically are sealed shut with glue.

Are/Can Urns Be Buried?

Yes, people do bury urns, this is commonly what you will see at an urn memorial garden. We offer a range of biodegradable urns that can also be buried, either in the ground or at sea – this will combine with the environment over time. If you would like to bury an urn that isn’t biodegradable, then we would recommend placing the urn within a rubble sack and securing it with cable ties, this will allow you to remove the urn if you ever need to.

Please be aware that certain urns may being to corrode over time if you do this.

I Need To Change My Order

Please contact us as soon as you can with your name and confirmation order to support@urnsforashes.co.uk we will do all we can to help

Delivery Options & Information

Please know we do all we can to ensure you receive your item as soon as possible. We are happy to offer you free UK delivery on all of our products.

Items that are paid for with next-day delivery* will be dispatched the same day if ordered before 11.30am or the next day if ordered after this time.

Most standard delivery items are dispatched within 2-3 days and will be received in 2 days after dispatch. You will receive your urn order within 5 working days via DPD.

Some orders are non-stock, in this case, please expect a delay of around 7 days to dispatch. Again, these orders will be sent via DPD ASAP so you will receive your order within 7-10 days. If you would like to know if an item is in stock, please email support@urnsforashes.co.uk or use the live chat feature.

If you have ordered engraving or a made-to-order product, the delivery time will take a little longer.

Engraved orders will receive a proof within 5 days for you to approve. Once approved, we will engrave it and send it out SAP. Typically within 7-10 days from order.

For custom-made pieces, more details can be found on their respective product page.

If you need an order more urgently, please contact us on support@urnsforashes.co.uk and we will do our best to help – additional delivery charges may apply if you need an order quicker.

The above delivery info is for UK mainland only, for all other delivery addresses please contact us on the above email address and we can give you more information on our delivery options.

*If you order after 11.30am on a Thursday and select ‘next day delivery’, your item will be delivered Monday. If you order after 11.30am on a Friday and select ‘next day’ your item will be delivered Tuesday at the latest.

Do You Deliver Overseas

We do offer overseas delivery. Please contact us on support@urnsforashes.co.uk for more information.

As a brief answer, international delivery should take around 7 working days, if its a stock item.

Do You Offer Refunds?

We offer a satisfaction guarantee with all items we send out. If you are not 100% happy with the item, then we will get it returned, no questions asked. We understand how important these items are, so we do not expect you to accept anything less than perfect.

We will refund the order, minus delivery unless replacing an item. In which case, we will front the charges. We do not make any money from delivery and being a small business we need to cover the cost to ensure we do not lose money. This also includes payment for next-day charges.
Unfortunately, if a piece is engraved or personalized in anyway, we are unable to refund you 100%. We will do all we can to help.