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Losing a pet is a distressing time for any family, we hope our range of pet memorials will help you honour your friend in the best way possible as well as providing a loving tribute to your beloved pet. Whether you are looking for a memorial for your fallen cat, dog, horse or something smaller, we can provide a range of pieces to help at this difficult time. Our urns and coffins come in biodegradable ranges and we can also supply memorial plaques and stones if you so wish. Please read our information below and feel free to call at any time.

Should I Choose a Burial or Cremation?

Obviously the choice between a pet burial or pet cremation is a very personal choice and can hinge on a number if issues, such as price, location and the pet themselves.
Cremation – cremation is a popular choice in the UK, which can either be arranged by your vet or by visiting a local pet crematorium yourself. See our pet cremation page for recommend pet crematoriums. Depending on your plan after the cremation, you can either spread the ashes yourself, bury them at a place of significance or have your pets ashes spread at the crematorium, which usually will have a garden of rest. Our collection of pet urns can be arranged to get delivered directly to your pet crematorium if you so wish.
Burial – burial is usually the easier of the 2 in terms of a garden burial, you don’t need any special permission and you can wrap your beloved pet in a blanket and choose a meaningful spot in your garden. The cost in minimal, if you decide to do this in your own garden, otherwise it can be a lot more expensive. It can be quite labour intensive, depending on the size of your pet and you will have to handle everything yourself. You are also free to hold a family gathering if you so wish. In the UK you aren’t permitted to bury your pet on public land, but it is common for people to find a secluded spot, maybe a popular walking route, to lay their friend to rest. Pet cemeteries are also common place, but these can be quite expensive if you aren’t having simply the ashes buried.

How Deep Do I Need to Bury My Pet?

We always recommend you have at least 2ft of soil on top of your pets remains, this ensures it deep enough to ensure other animals do not dig up the body. Stones can also be placed on top to further prevent this and also act as a reminder of the burial spot.

What Are Your Pet Urns & Pet Plaques made from?

You will find details of materials we use for each pet urn and pet memorial plaque on their individual pages. We use a variety of materials depending on the use of your pet urn. We have brass urns that can be kept on show or a range of biodegradable pet urns that are made of material such as paper, various woods and other natural materials.
We can supply memorial pet plaques in a range of materials & finishes including slate, marble, granite, bronze and other various stones, please contact us for more information

Can You Do Pet Memorial Engraving / Personalisation?

Yes, we are happy to be able to provide engraving and personalisation on a selection of our products, please get in touch and we will be happy to help. 

Ideas For a Pet Memorial

Having worked with numerous customers we wanted to share some ideas that others have used in the past to bid a graceful farewell to their loving pets.
<li>-Placing a favourite toy or blanket inside the urn or coffin acts a comfort to bereaved owners.</li>
<li>-Using a decorative paving slab as a memory of a place of burial is a nice touch that we have seen numerous times.</li>
<li>-Cutting a lock of hair before your pet is buried/cremated and creating keepsake box is a nice way to remember your friend’s life.</li>
<li>-Recording a voice or video clip helps keep the memory alive and serves as a lovely reminder of the fun you had.</li>

Helping Children Deal With a Pet Loss

Having the joy of a loving pet goes hand in hand with the distress losing a loved one can cause. Losing a pet serves as an important life lesson for children, it is important you act in an appropriate manner and we think the advice provided by the Association for Pet Loss & Bereavement is worth reading.

Pet Loss Memorial Quotes

Pet Cremation FAQ

For more information please visit our pet cremation process page which outlines all the questions we receive from our customers.