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Pet Coffins

Laying your pet to rest is the final goodbye, so we have worked hard to source some of the best quality pet coffins available in the UK so you can pay your respects in the best way possible. We have a range of pet coffins, made from a variety of different materials, all of which are biodegradable and environmentally friendly. We are happy to offer free engraving on our range of wooden pet caskets and we will also send you a free pet grave marker cross with all orders.

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What Are Your Pet Coffins Made Of?

We have searched for the best quality pet coffins available and so we have the option of a various materials from solid wood & wicker to biodegradable paper and cardboard, you should find a pet coffin to suit your needs.

Do You Offer Engraving?

Yes, we are happy to offer free engraving with our range of wooden urns. Unfortunately engraving isn’t suitable for the cardboard and paper based coffins.

Planning a Pet Funeral

Whilst it might not be a big ceremony like we would conduct for a human, ,many people like to arrange a pet funeral to allow the family a final good bye to their pet. If you are considering cremation, please take a moment to read out Pet cremation page aswell as looking through our pet urns. Some basic steps to consider before laying your pet to rest are:

  • Where will you bury your fury friend
  • Preparing any children
  • Do you want a keepsake (hair clippings, paw print etc)
  • Any guests or family members who were particularly fond of the pet
  • Words/poems/readings that might be said (see below for suggestions)
  • Who will be tasked with the burial
  • What will you place in the coffin or urn with your friend
  • Do you want to plan a new tree or flower to commemorate your lost pet

Suggested Pet Epitaphs

Thinking of words to say can be tough, we have taken just a sample of our favourites and listed them below along with a link to a full list of potential pet loss quotes and epitaphs

  • Giver Of Hugs, Chaser Of Tails Unforgettable Friend
  • Love Comes Walking Softly and Steals Our Hearts Away
  • You Cuddled Into Our Heart
  • Forever a part of our family
  • If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever!
  • Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole
  • Death ends a life, not a relationship

What Size Coffin Do I Need To Order?

Obviously each animal is unique and so we cannot give a definitive answer on the size of coffin that will fit all animal. We have provided a rough table that outlines some of our coffin sizes and the animal they are most suitable for, if in doubt always order one size up to be certain
(note the below coffin sizes are for our wooden range, please select the closest size for other models we supply)

Length Width Animal
18cm (7″) 14cm (5.5″) Small Animal: Mouse,Small Reptile,Goldfish
20cm (8″) 16cm (6″) Rabits, Tortoise, kitten
35cm (14″) 25cm (10″) Kitten, Puppy, Large Rabbit
51cm (20″) 35cm (14″) Cats, & small dogs
74cm (29″) 48cm (19″) large cats, medium dogs
96cm (38″) 63cm (25″) large dogs
104cm (50″) 63cm (25″) very big dogs

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