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Losing a pet is one of the toughest things that a family can go through, aside from the grief you have 100’s of questions to answer, we hope by proving information, answers to the most common questions and sharing with you our unique range of pet urns, it will make your time a little easier. Below we have a great selection of pet urns suitable for small animals such as mice through to cats and large breeds of dogs. Alternatively, we can supply any of our cremation urns in smaller sizes if you see a design you like. Throughout the site you will find a wealth of information about your pet cremation, please contact us if you need any further assistance.

    • Ease of Scattering thanks to Innovative Push Tab Design
    • Easy & Secure Lid
    • Recyclable & Biodegradable
    • Suitable for All Cats
    • Free Delivery
    • Covered by our Satisfaction Guarantee
    • Innovative Push Tab for Ease of Scattering
    • Easy & Secure Slide Off Lid
    • Made from Recycled Materials
    • Dog Friendly Design, featuring Appropriate Breeds for Each Size
    • 3 Sizes to fit Each Breed
    • Free Delivery
    • Covered by our Satisfaction Guarantee
    • Solid Brass Pet Urn
    • Available in Multiple Sizes
    • Available in 2 Distinct Colours
    • Paw Print Design on the Lid
    • Unique Curved Shape, Ideal for Handling
    • Suitable for Display & Burial (not biodegradable)
    • Accompanying Keepsake Sizes Available
    • Secure Screw Lid
    • Free Delivery & Returns on this Item
    • Solid Brass Keepsake Pet Urn
    • Available in 2 Sizes
    • Available in 2 Attractive Colours
    • Fitting Paw Print Design
    • Suitable for Public Display or Private Storage
    • Design is Available in Full Size
    • Plate on the back for Secure Filling
    • Free Delivery & Returns on this Item
    • Beautifully Crafted Presentation Box Included Free of Charge
    • Hand crafted bio-degradable urn
    • Suitable for water and land burial
    • Made from organic plant extracts and golden sand
    • Detailed paw-print design around the centre
    • Holds 0.75l, suitable for small pets
    • Option to remove lid and plant a sapling in opening
    • Includes free soluble bag
    • Includes free delivery and satisfaction guarantee
    • Beautifully Detailed Onyx Pet Urn
    • Hand Engraved Paw Print Design
    • 1.5 Litres (90 cubic inches) Suitable for Most Pets
    • Solid Brass Urns
    • Secured via a Screw Lid
    • Suitable for Display
    • Comes with a Free Purple Velveteen Protection Cover
    • Free Delivery & Returns
    • Hand crafted urn with a beautiful white pearl finish
    • Cat shape finish
    • Suitable for home display
    • Secure screw lid
    • Silver collar featuring pink Swarovski
    • Holds 0.7l, suitable for most average sized cats
    • 22cm tall
    • Includes a presentation box
    • Includes free delivery and satisfaction guarantee
    • Ornamental Brass Pet Urn
    • Featured paw print design around the Urn
    • Finished in a brushed slate colour
    • Secured via a Screw Lid
    • Various Sizes suitable for All Animals
    • Suitable for Display or can be buried (non biodegradable)
    • Available in keepsake size to hold a small amount of Ashes
    • Free Delivery & Returns
    • Solid Brass Keepsake Pet Urn
    • Small Keepsake Size
    • Available in 3 Beautiful Colours
    • Choice of Paw Print Design
    • Perfect for Public Display or Private Storage
    • Screw Top Lid for Ease of Use & Security
    • Free Delivery & Returns on this Item
    • Comes Free with an Elegant Presentation Box

We have detailed a full breakdown of the pet cremation process and provided some brief answers below to help you chose the best option when it comes to choosing the perfect pet urn.

What Size Urn Do I Need for my Pets Ashes?

All of our pet urns come in a range of sizes and styles and finding the right pet urn for your needs is very important. All of our urns come with a capacity in litres, so once you have calculated the size you need, using the below table, you should be able to easily find the perfect pet urn.
The size of your pet isn’t the metric you need to gauge the size of the pet urn, we need to use the weight of your pet, using he below table should help you choose the best pet urn for your parted friend.

Deceased Weight Urn Capacity
1 Stone 0.25 Litres
4 Stone 1 Litre
1 lb 1 cubic inch

Pet Scatter Tubes Sizes?

Our pet scatter tubes come in 3 sizes, these range from being suitable for small animals and cats, medium sized dogs and larger breeds of dogs. You can rest assured that your dogs ashes, aswell as cats ashes and any other pet you may have lost, will be able to fit inside one of our special pet scatter tubes, all of which are 100% recyclable.

How Much Does an Average Dog / Cat Cremation Cost

the cost of the cremation process is calculated by weight and will vary depending on the size of your pet.
Dog cremation – generally a small dog will cost around £75-£90 with larger breeds starting at £90 and going up to around £120
Cat cremation – on average a cat cremation will cost around £60 – £80
Smaller pets can cost anywhere from £25 to £50 depending on the pet (mice, rats, Guinea pig, chickens, ducks etc)

What Are Your Pet Urns Made Of?

We are happy to provide a wide range of pet urns. We have a beautiful selection of brass urns that are suitable to display or keep in a private place. Alternatively we offer biodegradable pet urns that are made from 100% natural materials and will slowly combine with the earth after burial in land or water. We also provide a lovely hutch that can be decorated as you wish, which can be a great process to help children feel involved in the process of saying a final goodbye to a friend.

Biodegrable Pet Urns

All of our biodegradable pet urns are 100% natural and come in various sizes, see individual products for full details.