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Scattering tubes provide an easy way for family members and close friends to scatter the ashes of a loved one after a cremation ceremony at a place of their choosing. Made to ensure the ease of scattering, the scattering tubes provided by urnsforashes are available in a  range of designs & sizes and are made from recycled materials, so they are eco-friendly and can be both buried and recycled if you wish. If you have any extra questions, please feel free to contact us at any time of the day.

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How Big are the Scatter Tubes ?

Our scatter tubes come in 2 sizes. A large scattering tube, that is designed to take the entire contents of a casket or mini tubes that allow multiple family members to share the contents and be a part of the ceremony individually.
Our large scatter tubes are 200 cubic inches (3.2 litres) – 12.6” H & 5”W (32cm H & 12.7cm W)
Our small scatter tubes are 20 cubic inches (0.3 litres) – 5.25” H & 3” W (13.3cm H & 7.6cm W)
We also offer scatter tubes suitable for Pets, please see below for more information on our pet scatter tubes

How Do the Scatter Tubes Work?

Each scatter tube is easy to use, they have an easy to remove lid and a perforated tab at the bottom, that simply needs to be pushed in to release the ashes for scattering.
Full details of how to use them are below

Can I Take the Ashes Overseas?

If you are looking to take the ashes overseas, please read our section on overseas travel with ashes.

Where Can I Scatter the Ashes?

When it comes to scattering the ashes, this is completely up to you and usually is a personal choice, there are a few options:

  • Water burial – you are free to scatter ashes in UK waters.
    We have a large range of biodegradable water urns that are suitable for placing the ashes inside.
  • Burying ashes – we have a large range of biodegradable earth urns that are suitable for burying. You can choose where to bury your loved ones ashes, please read below for more information.
  • Scattering Ashes – you are free to scatter ashes where you choose in the UK, with a few exceptions. Please take a moment to read through our scattering ashes page for the full laws and regulations on where you can scatter ashes in the UK.

Do I Have to Put the Ashes in the Scatter Tube Myself?

If you order the scatter tube before the cremation service, then your funeral director will be happy to place the remains into the scatter tube for you.

What are Scatter Tubes Made Of?

Our scattering tubes are made from 100% recyclable material, they contain no metal or plastic which allows for the entire tube to be buried or alternatively they can be recycled or composted once the scattering ceremony has been finished.

Do You Offer Pet Scatter Tubes?

We are pleased to offer you a purpose made scatter tube suitable for a lost pet. Our pet scatter tubes come in 3 sizes suitable for cats/small dogs, medium sizes dogs and large dogs, you will find size options on each scatter tube over on our Pet Memorials page. Feel free to contact us with anymore questions you might have on this.

How Can I Transport Ashes?

All of our scatter tubes will fit ‘in cabin’ if you are planning on boarding a flight. We would recommend reading through our ‘travelling with ashes’ article before you travel to make sure the country you are visiting will be OK with your transportation of ashes.

Showing all 8 results