Life Engraved Wooden Urn  Keepsake
Ashes Caskets

Life Engraved Wooden Urn

oak ashes bench
wooden cremation bench
Companion Urn

Oak Cremation Bench

maple wooden urn for ashes
wooden pebble adult cremation urn
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Hand Carved Wooden Urn Pebble

personalised oak urn for ashes
personalised wooden urn walnut
Ashes Caskets

Handmade Personalised Cylinder Wooden Urn

white wooden urn box
Ashes Caskets

White Wooden Urn Box

personalised wooden urn
butterfly personalised wooden box urn
Ashes Caskets

Personalised Wooden Urn

wooden box urn
wooden box engraved urn
Ashes Caskets

Carved Wooden Candle Urn

handmade personalised wooden urn oak
wooden tealight for ashes
Ashes Caskets

Solid Carved Wooden Box for Ashes

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Garden Urns

Memorial Planter for Ashes

small wooden heart keepsake urn
small heart_wooden_urn
Cat Urns

Small Wooden Heart

personalised football urn for ashes
personalised football urn closure
Custom Urns

Replica Football Urn

birdhouse for ashes
wooden bird house funeral urn
Custom Urns

Birdhouse for Ashes



From hand-carved statues to intrinsically detailed candle holders or bespoke ashes furniture. We can replicate an existing piece or carve a totally unique & personal design from a range of woods. You will have the perfect resting place to remember times gone by.