What To Do with Dogs Ashes

Ideas for your Dogs Ashes

Most families come to us looking for something unique for their dogs ashes. The most popular choice is an urn or custom made memorial to sit in their garden

To many dog owners, these animals are members of the family. Their impact on our lives can be very profound, experiencing life’s myriad adventures, big and small moments, meaningful events, and even misfortunes with us. They are probably the first to greet you in the morning and the last one you say good night to. They are even closer than some of our family members. It’s, therefore, no surprise that their death brings just as much grief as though you lost a treasured member of your family. So, of course, you want to create some memento that pays tribute to the loving relationship you shared.

If you have opted for pet cremation, there are many things you can do with the cremated remains to make a special memorial. You have to decide first if you would like to keep them indoors, outdoors or made into something you wear. Below we’ve put together some ideas that will allow you to celebrate the time spent with your furry friend.

Ideas for Keeping Your Dog’s Ashes at Home

Most people used to just bury their dogs in the garden when they passed away. For people living in urban areas or apartments, this isn’t an option. Moving home in the future can also cause a potential issue. So now that you have your dog’s cremains, let’s see some ways you can display them in your home:

Dog urns

Cremation urns are a classic way to keep and display the ashes of a beloved dog that has passed away. There are urns specifically made for pets, featuring pet portraits, pawprints, and even customised pieces made to look like your dog.
Our dog urns come in a variety of materials, sizes (large, medium, and keepsake), and aesthetics. Contact us if you require more help.

    shih tzu custom dog urn
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    Dog Urns by Breed

    Personalised Dog Urns

    Shih Tzu Dog Urn
    Dog Urns by Breed

    Shih Tzu Dog Urn

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    Pet Urns for Ashes

    Dog Scatter Tubes for Dogs Ashes


Commission a pet portrait

Some artists specialise in creating memorial portraits of beloved pets and will incorporate ashes into their work. All you need to do is send photos of your dog and some ashes, and they’ll make a magical portrait for you to hang in your pet’s room or their favourite place in the house.

Infuse the ashes in a decorative glass piece

Glass blowers have long included ashes in their artwork. The ashes are melted into the glass, which is then used to create a beautiful stained glass masterpiece. Use it as a centrepiece on your table or place it in a special spot in your home. Please contact us for more information

Have them added to a piece of pottery

Just as with the idea of creating stained glass art, your dog’s cremains can be added into clay to create a pottery piece. Keep the pottery on display and memorialise your beloved dog. We are also able to create custom made pottery urns to hold your dogs ashes.

Tree Decoration

We have partners who can make a special Christmas tree decoration for you to hold some of your dog’s ashes. Use this to hand at festive times or a hanging decoration year-round.

Ideas for Dog Ashes Outdoors

Most pets spend time outdoors. Whether they used to run, swim, jump, play, roll, or go hiking, chances are your dog experienced many happy times outdoors. Honour them by keeping their ashes outside in your garden. Here are some creative ways you can do that:

Dog Urns for the Garden

We have developed a number of urns that can be stored in the garden which are suitable for your dogs ashes. From natural stone urns and metal breed sculptures to windchimes and birdbaths. We make them to order, so please contact us for more information.

Grow a memorial tree

It can bring comfort to look at a living reminder of a beloved dog who passed away. You can do this by burying the ashes in your garden and planting a tree over them. As you water and care for the tree, you’ll remember your dog and the fun times you shared.

Mix into cement for a garden stone

We are able to mix pet ashes into concrete to create a beautiful decorative stone for your garden. The stone can go further and feature your dog’s name, dates or a famous quote about pets. Another reason to consider this idea for your dog ashes is you can come with the stone if you move house.

Bury the ashes

Having a physical place to visit your beloved dog can help you through the grieving process, which is why many choose to bury their dog’s ashes in their garden, at a pet cemetery, or a special place. You can pour the ashes directly into the soil or use a biodegradable urn as it decomposes and slowly releases the ashes into the ground. Mark the resting place with a marker or a memorial plaque.

Please note rules around burying pet ashes. Basically, if you don’t own the land, you’ll need the landowner or local council’s permission.

Scatter the ashes

Another popular idea for dog ashes is to scatter them. Think of your dog’s favourite location. Was there a park they enjoyed visiting? Or a beach you had fun times together? Most public places like parks will allow you to scatter ashes if you ask first and keep it discreet and away from the crowds. It’s also popular to scatter at sea, and while no laws forbid this, please make sure the water isn’t used for bathing or a source of drinking.

Ideas for Dog Ashes on You

Some people draw comfort from keeping their pet’s ashes on them at all times. Here’s how you can wear your beloved dog’s ashes:

Include in jewellery

Dogs hold such a treasured place in many of their owner’s hearts. One unique way is having ashes into jewellery.
There are 2 options. You can purchase jewellery made t hold ashes or you can send your ashes to a jewellery maker to incorporate the ashes into (usually a glass) stone.
Using a company like lonite means you can turn ashes into diamonds through heat and pressure. It’s much more expensive than glass, but a precious reminder of your pet.

Get a memorial tattoo

There are tattoo artists that can infuse ink with ashes and use it to add a tattoo of choice, if you want a permanent memorial.

Which Option is Right for You and Your Dog?

With all the above and more options available, deciding what to do with your dog’s ashes can seem overwhelming. The grief and emotions of losing a beloved furry friend make it even more challenging to make a choice. Start by considering your dog’s personality and routines. Were they outdoorsy, or did they prefer to be indoors? What colours remind you of their personality? What were their favourite activities? Would you like something more traditional, creative, or modern? The answers to these questions will help inform your decision on what to do with your pet’s ashes after cremation. If it was a family dog, you could discuss the best memorial with the other family members.

Know that you can choose more than one memorial option. Many of the ideas for your dog ashes only require a small portion of the ashes. You can even have several pieces created for each member of the family. Most importantly, don’t rush. Cremated remains don’t expire, so you can decide what to do now or later.