transporting ashes to spain from the uk

Taking Ashes to Spain From the UK

To take ashes to Spain you will need a Spanish translated copy of the death certificate and the cremation certificate, the deceased’s original passport & a funeral director declaration.

We explain how to get everything in order to make this as easy as possible for you.

taking ashes to spain from the uk

Can You Take Ashes to Spain?

Yes, you can take human ashes to Spain. Transporting ashes to Spain is a straightforward process and does not require visiting an Embassy or any applications. There are several methods available to transport ashes:

  1. Ashes can be taken on a flight and transported in your hand luggage (or hold, depending on the airline)
  2. Ashes can be transported to an international airport in Spain and collected from there
  3. Ashes can be transported directly to an address in Spain by a funeral director or repatriation service.

All of these options require the same paperwork and procedure.

Paperwork You Will Need

  • A death certificate and a copy translated into Spanish
  • A cremation certificate and a copy translated into Spanish
  • Passport of the deceased (can be expired)
  • Funeral Director’s declaration – a letter issued by a funeral director or crematorium stating that the ashes container is airtight and only contains the remains of the individual names. It also includes some information about the deceased.

We Can Transport the Ashes for You

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    Read our guide for more information about shipping ashes abroad

    Restrictions / Things to know

    Regardless of how you transport the ashes, you must ensure they’re in a suitable container. This container should be non-metallic and security friendly – made from materials that an x-ray can scan. Wood, plastic, zinc, ceramic or glass are all good options for transporting ashes.

    If you’re travelling with the ashes, you must ensure that your container is allowed under your airline’s policies before boarding. There’s no blanket rule for this; every airline is different, so do your research beforehand.

    EasyJet (the most popular airline flying into Spain from the UK) allows you to transport ashes in your carry-on luggage as long as you follow their protocols. Before you fly, make sure you know what paperwork you will need to take ashes onboard an EasyJet flight.

    Scattering Ashes in Spain

    Scattering ashes in Spain is permitted in specific locations and often needs a permit. Breaking these rules could result in a fine of up to €15,000 in some areas.

    If you wish to scatter ashes, it must be on private property with the owner’s permission. You cannot scatter ashes near a beach, in a public park or public area.

    If you want to scatter ashes at sea, the ashes must be in a biodegradable urn, and you must be a minimum of 3 miles from the shore. You must also have requested permission from the corresponding maritime authority.

    Thankfully, there are many scattering service providers in Spain now. They will get you the relevant permission for a fee and then take you out to sea to scatter your loved one’s ashes legally in an eco urn. You’ll have the opportunity to include extra wishes in the scattering ceremony, but if you can’t think of any ideas we’ve compiled some lovely ideas.

    We strongly recommend researching these providers, and the local areas, to ensure you don’t break any laws or incur expensive fines.