taking funeral ashes on a jet2 plane

Taking Ashes on a Jet2 Plane

We’ve contacted Jet2 directly via phone and email support to ask them to explain firsthand their rules and regulations regarding traveling with ashes on their flights.

Can You Take Ashes on a Plane With Jet2?

Jet2 allows you to travel with human and pet ashes on their flights. There is a level of preparation involved, however, so be sure to take note of the following requirements:

  • Jet2 requires you to inform them that you’re travelling with ashes before you arrive at the airport. If you fail to do so, they may refuse to allow your ashes on the plane, so ensure you take this step. They can be contacted via phone, email support or WhatsApp.
  • Jet2 only allows ashes to be taken as part of your hand luggage. Travelling with your loved one’s ashes close to you is an excellent way to ensure that nothing untoward occurs in the hold.
  • Jet2 requires the ashes to be secured within a sealed, airtight container. This could be an urn or any security-friendly container – a scatter tube or a plastic screw top container. Security-friendly containers are non-metallic and thin enough to be scanned by X-ray.
  • Jet2 requires you to travel with a copy of the death certificate.

If you are traveling with fewer ashes, we recommend following the same procedure. While you may think it’s excessive, there’s no exclusion from the rules for smaller amounts of ashes. If you travel with your loved one’s ashes in a metallic container, you risk being turned away at security. 

Jet2 Flight Urn Restrictions

Jet2 allow you to transport ashes within an urn on their flights, providing you follow these rules:

  1. The urn must be made from materials that can be scanned by X-ray at the security desk. This material could be glass, wood, ceramic, marble or plastic – as long as the urn is non-metallic and not made of too dense a stone, it should get past security with no issues. 
  2. The urn must be airtight – the lid must be secured either by a strong adhesive or with the urn’s own screw-top function.
  3. The urn must fit within your hand luggage. You cannot travel with the urn alone and must carry it in a carry-on bag.
  4. The combined weight of the urn and hand luggage must be in line with Jet2’s weight restrictions – 10kg max.
  5. The hand luggage must fit within Jet2’s size restrictions.

Jet2 Flight Baggage Allowance

Jet2 allows all customers to board with one free piece of hand luggage. This hand luggage should measure no bigger than 56cm x 45cm x 25cm, including any wheels or handles.

jet2 cabin bagage allowance

Jet2 reserves the right to place your hand luggage in the hold in certain situations, so we recommend travelling with an urn that is robust and packaged well within your bag to protect it from any breakages.

Where Can I Fly to With Ashes? 

Jet2 allows you to transport human and animal ashes to any country they fly into, provided you’ve informed them beforehand and you have a copy of the certificate of death to hand.

Every country has different rules and regulations regarding transporting ashes, so we suggest thoroughly researching the requirements of your destination country. 

Arriving in a foreign country without the correct paperwork could result in your loved one’s ashes being taken from you or customs refusing to let you through. To avoid any stress and disappointment, we recommend contacting the country’s embassy and asking them to clarify what paperwork is needed to transport ashes across their border.