Scattering Ashes at Sea Portsmouth

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We are pleased to offer 2 boats in the Portsmouth area for your scattering of ashes ceremony.
All of the information for both of our vessels can be found below, including catering options, boat specifications and approximate costs depending on your needs.
If you would like to book or check availability, please use the form below and we will contact you ASAP. Using the form is the easiest method because we spend most of the day at sea or keeping our boats in top condition.

We look forward to welcoming you aboard.

Our Boats


Type of Boat: powerboat catamaran with undercover seating
Number of Passengers: 12
Cost from: £350
Are refreshments available? Yes, basic tea and coffee
All Religions Catered for? Yes
Parking: Yes
Toilet on board: Yes
Disabled Access? Yes
Music Available: Yes, the onboard system

scattering ashes at sea portsmouth

Our trips take around 2 hours, with a stop at the resting place of the Mary Rose which is a popular scattering location.
We are happy to provide a custom route if you wish and can visit other local areas including Southampton, Poole, Yarmouth, Lymington, Christchurch & the Needles – just ask and e will do everything we can to cater to your needs.

Boat Booking

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      Permissions, Laws & Regulations for Scattering Ashes in Portsmouth

      In general there are no laws that forbid you from scattering ashes in the waters around Portsmouth, the Solent and the surrounding areas.

      We take care of everything for you from a legal standpoint. The only restriction that you need to be aware of is that nothing can be thrown overboard that is not 100% biodegradable.

      Tips for families when scattering ashes

      • Stick to biodegradable materials.
      • Check the weather conditions (we will make sure to keep you informed)
      • Stay upwind to ensure the ashes blow away from you and the guests.
      • Summer months are more gentle
      • Don’t be shy to ask for any help.

      Why Use a Our Boats?

      • Total privacy
      • You can reach more inaccessible places, especially if there's a more specific spot you wish to reach
      • The seas totally surround you; as such, it feels more of an occasion
      • It's easier to put and spread the ashes
      • We have a lot of experience with ash scattering ceremonies
      • Our dedicated staff will help you ensure you and your loved one's wishes are fulfilled

      Urns for Scattering at Sea

      All of our water urns are made of biodegradable material such as paper or cardboard, natural salt or other plant-based materials. We would be happy to provide an urn if you wish, alternatively, you can provide your own but we must stress that it needs to be water safe and approved to be 100% biodegradable.

      parcel water urn floating
      navy parcel water urn
      Biodegradable Urns

      Parcel Urn

      Sand urn
      blue wave urn
      blue urns

      Coastal Urn

      elegant biodegradable urn
      opal biodegrable urn
      Biodegradable Urns

      Elegant Biodegradable Urn

      quartz biodegradable urn
      sand water urn
      Biodegradable Urns

      Oval Coastal Urn