The Policy on Scattering Ashes at National Trust Sites


The National Trust (NT) doesn’t publish specific advice on its website about scattering ashes. However, when we’ve asked them, they’ve said that for the most part it’s okay. They do say that whilst it’s usually okay, there are a few things you’ll want to know before you set off for your chosen site.

Before You Visit

  1. Talk to the property manager, who can give you the written permission you’ll need and should be able to help you find an appropriate spot.
  2. Try to find a quiet, private area of the site that’s secluded from roads and buildings. This will give you maximum privacy and a peaceful atmosphere.
  3. Take care to stay away from sensitive spots like birds’ nesting areas, and make sure you can’t see any ashes when you leave as this may cause you or others distress.
  4. Think about how you’ll take the container for the ashes to the spot you’ve chosen. Some NT sites don’t have car parks and with others it may be a fair walk.

What’s the best time to scatter ashes?

Some National Trust sites are open all the time. People often feel that scattering ashes at dawn or dusk feels particularly special. You’re also more likely to have the place to yourself then, compared with in the middle of the day. If you’d like to scatter your loved one’s ashes at a managed NT site with defined opening hours, it’s worth asking the manager when its quietest times are.

National Trust Ideas and Locations

Here are some National Trust sites that people often think about when they’re considering scattering their loved one’s ashes. We’ve included contact details and photos to help you decide whether each one is the right place for you.

Buttermere, Cumbria

The National Trust manages about 25% of the Lake District’s land, including beautiful spots like the Buttermere Valley

Tel: 01768 774649


Buttermere Valley - National Trust

Brecon Beacons - National Trust

Brecon Beacons National Park, Powys

These dramatic, wild hills could be the perfect place to lay to rest the ashes of a dedicated walker or climber.

Tel:01874 625515


Sheringham Park, Norfolk

This is a peaceful landscaped park with views out to the coast, ideal for remembering someone who loved the sea.

Tel: 01263 820550


Sheringham Park - National Trust

Baddesley Clinton National Trust

Baddesley Clinton, Warwickshire

This fortified manor house set in impressive gardens could be the ideal last resting place for a history buff’s ashes.
Note: We have since been told that scattering ashes at Baddesley Clinton is not permitted

Tel: 01564783294


Giant’s Causeway, County Antrim

Remarkable rock formations and the rhythmic swell of the waves make this a place of pilgrimage for many people.

Tel: 02820 731855


giants causeway - national trust

Birling Gap - national trust

Birling Gap, East Sussex

Another beautiful and tranquil site, with views towards the Seven Sisters chalk cliffs. A lovely place to remember a keen birdwatcher.

Tel: 01323 423197


Mount Grace Priory, North Yorkshire

This former medieval place of worship has a strong spiritual atmosphere and also features beautiful floral displays.

Tel: 01609 883494


Mount Grace - national trust

Leith hill - national trust

Leith Hill, Surrey

The NT-managed countryside around Leith Hill Tower has plenty of secluded woodland trails where you can remember your loved one quietly.

Tel: 01306 712711


Stonehenge, Wiltshire

Although you can’t scatter ashes within the stone circle itself, you may be able to do so in the ancient and beautiful NT-managed landscape that surrounds it.

Tel: 01672 539920


stonehenge national trust

attingham park - national trust

Attingham Park, Shropshire

The 18th-century country house here also features gently landscaped woods, orchards and parkland for you to remember your special person.

Tel: 01743 708123