Scattering Ashes on Ben Nevis

Scattering your loved one’s ashes on Ben Nevis is possible, but you should avoid doing it on or near the summit or north face. This is because so many people were doing so that the chemicals in the ashes were making it hard for rare mountain plants to grow.

Where can you leave ashes?

The Nevis Partnership makes several recommendations:

  • Burying ashes on soft ground away from the most vulnerable areas will greatly reduce the impact on plants.
  • Another option is to scatter ashes on a windy day, so that they’re spread widely enough to avoid environmental problems.
  • If you choose to scatter, make sure the wind is away from you to avoid distress from ashes blowing onto people’s faces or clothes.
  • Choose a quiet place away from other people to ensure privacy and a tranquil atmosphere.

What’s the best time to scatter ashes?

Some National Trust sites are open all the time. People often feel that scattering ashes at dawn or dusk feels particularly special. You’re also more likely to have the place to yourself then, compared with in the middle of the day. If you’d like to scatter your loved one’s ashes at a managed NT site with defined opening hours, it’s worth asking the manager when its quietest times are.