Inspiring Ideas for Ashes in Garden

When it comes to saying goodbye and planning a memorial, the UK population has an affinity with their gardens.

You could be looking for a unique sculpture or a garden ornament to hold ashes of a loved one. Maybe you are just looking for a simple memorial to place in nature during those difficult, reflective times? Whatever your needs. we have a number of popular ideas and unique options for you.

Ideas for Ashes in Garden

There are a number of forms and ideas for placing ashes in your garden. Below are some of the most popular ideas and also some more quirky takes on things we have helped our families create. If you need any help or advice, please contact us, we love helping as much as we can.

  1. Stainless steel flower urns

  2. We have a lovely range of stainless steel flowers (and other shapes) that fit perfectly into gardens. The pieces are made from the highest grade steel so will last a lifetime and can be engraved with a personal message of your choice.

    powder coated flower urn for garden
    steel rose urn for garden
    bronze rose urn for ashes
  3. Custom made garden stones

  4. We have partnered with skilled stonemasons and artists in the UK to help you create a natural stone urn. These are made from scratch and take approx 6 weeks to complete but we hand-select the perfect stone for you befoe hollowing and carving the stone and delivering it to you. We can also arrange for a stainless steel personalisation to be affixed if you wish

    garden stone for ashes
  5. Bird Bath and Sun Dials

  6. We are honoured to be able to offer custom-made bird bath urns for cremated ashes, sundials for ashes & birdhouse urns that have been adapted especially to hold your loved one’s ashes. The perfect garden memorial year-round and a piece you can take with you if you ever decide to move home.

    round birdbath urn
    sundial for ashes
    rainbow memorial birdbath with stone rainbow column
  7. Signature Bronze collection

  8. Our bronze urn collection is based on nature. Made to resemble items such as maple, oak, and beech trees the items we make are a handmade and beautiful addition to any garden.

    bronze garden urn
    Urn Bronze - Hearts
    bronze garden tree urn
  9. Cremated Ash Benches

  10. Our skilled wood carvers have created 2 oak benches that are made to hold either a small amount or the full amount of created remains. Hand-carved and finished to sit in your garden for times of reflection and peace.

  11. Glass Urns

  12. We have a small selection of glass pebbles and decorative balls which have been reinforced to make them suitable to be stored outside.

    Spherical Flower Urn
    Stone Crystal Cremation Urn
  13. Serene Buddha Urn

  14. If a more tranquil feel is suitable and fitting for your outside area then we have a small selection of stone buddha urns that are perfect for creating a sense of calm reflection in any corner of outside space. Big enough to hold not just ashes but also mementos to remember times gone by.

    outdoor urn for ashes garden Buddha
  15. Custom made monuments and sculptures

  16. Over the years we have worked with some truly amazing artists and if creating something original is an idea you like, then we would love the opportunity to help. From organic statues and shapes to urns built upon pedestals installed in your garden, your imagination is the limit.

    black granite heart urn
    large bronze heart urn with roses
    sculptured urn for ashes
  17. Burial of ashes

  18. You are free to bury your loved ones ashes in your garden if you wish. As long as you own the land, you are free to do as you wish. You may choose to place the ashes inside a biodegradable urn so that the ashes incorporate with the ground or place the ashes inside a rubble bag so that you can dig them up in the future if you choose to move house.

    Ashes can also be strewn in the garden, perhaps with a special plant or tree, just be careful of the makeup of the soil as too much ash can lead to the poisoning of the plant

  19. Garden Planter for Ashes

  20. If you would like an option to plant/bury the ashes but would like to keep them inside a vessel in case you need to move or relocate in the future then a custom-made planter for ashes could be a nice idea. Our wooden planters are made to order in the UK and feature a secure section where an urn can be placed, along with an inscription so that your memory can be kept inside the planter.

  21. Memorial Stepping Stones

  22. If spending time in the garden was a pastime of a loved one then casting your ashes into concrete stepping stones to be laid in your garden is a lovely idea to know their footsteps will be there forever more, much like the footprints they have left on your heart.

  23. Traditional head stones

You are also free to order a more traditional headstone (as those typically seen in gardens of cemeteries) which can accommodate ashes and sit within your garden or a garden or remembrance.

Which Material is Best for Storing Ashes in the Garden?

The first thing to consider is the material you would like the urn to be made from.

To ensure a long life during the harsh UK weather, we offer our opinion on a few of the most common options for urns that are to be stored outside in the elements.


Bronze is a robust material that can withstand the coldest, harshest winters with minimal upkeep. The price will be more expensive if you choose a precious metal like bronze but you will have an urn that will last the test of time.

Natural Stone

Natural stone urns are a great choice for gardens full of trees, plants, and flowers. Because they are a natural material, over time, they will patina and blend into their surroundings, growing lichen and moss to help the urn become a part of your garden.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel urns can act as a lovely stand-out piece for your garden. The range of stainless steel models we offer is made of only the highest, marine-grade stainless steel so you can be sure your memorial will last forever.
Cheaper than bronze and better adapted to creating more intricate details, a stainless steel garden memorial will be a lovely reminder of a lost loved one.


Marble again is a form of natural stone that has striking patterns that are unique in each piece. Marble tends to be the cheapest range of garden urns and comes in more standard shapes, which means they are suitable to be stored outside (if sealed correctly) and could also suit indoor settings


Ceramics tend to be avoided when creating a memorial for the garden, this is because it isn’t the best material for standing up to the UK weather. We do have a couple of models which have been thrice fired at over 1000 degrees which ensures they are extra hardy to the environment BUT if you choose to go this route we recommend you shelter the urn during the winter months and also be careful of anything that could potentially damage the piece.

Price of Garden Options

After considering all of the materials, you will probably have a rough idea of the price you want to pay for a memorial.

As with all urns and memorials, you need to take a long-term approach. This is an item you want to last a lifetime and because it is such an important item you want to make sure you choose the right vessel. There is nothing worse than purchasing something you are not 100% sure of only to regret it later, once the ashes have been interred.

As well as the material cost (precious metals will be on the higher end and premade marble urns will be on the lower end) there will also be a cost related to the design.

If you have seen a style and model you like then that will be a lot more affordable than paying for a custom-made sculpture or memorial that requires design time and material sourcing, but going this route ensures you will be getting something 100% unique to your wishes.

There really are a huge number of options when it comes to ideas for ashes in your garden.
If you would like to discuss any of the above or something else entirely we are here to help as much as we can.


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