How Long Does a Cremation Service Take?

The average length of a cremation service is 45 minutes.
This will vary from crematoria but this is the average time that is allowed to give family and friends the chance to say their goodbyes and includes time to enter the chapel and hold the service. Most crematoriums will allow you to book extra time if you feel you need it, this does come at an extra charge.

How long do you get in a crematorium?

A normal order of service for cremation is:

  • Music to entrance
  • Introduction and welcome words by the celebrant or priest
  • A poem / religious hymn / reading
  • A tribute from a family or friend
  • Poems / religious readings by family, friend or celebrant
  • The committal accompanied by music
  • Music to leave and exit the crematorium

Are bodies cremated straight after service?

Yes. Usually, the body will be cremated straight after the service. You can choose to watch the coffin being committed into the cremation chamber if you wish. The cremation itself takes between 2 and 3 hours with an extra 1-2 hours for cooling and collection of ashes.