How Long After Death is a Funeral in the UK?

A funeral is commonly held 2 to 3 weeks after death. This can be affected by things like the funeral director being particularly busy or if the death was suspicious and requires an inquest or a coroner’s report. Religious beliefs will also play a role in the timing of the ceremony.

Before arranging a cremation or funeral you will need a death certificate. You are required to register a death at a local registry office up to 5 days after a death. The funeral director cannot organise a funeral or cremation without the death certificate

Can you have a cremation at weekends and evenings?

Yes, but there will be extra charges for the funeral directors time and the crematorium fee. Most funerals are held mid-week with a Friday being the most popular day to hold a cremation funeral.

How long does a Sikh cremation take place after death?

A Sikh funeral will typically take place within 3 days of a death, ideally as quickly as possible.

How long does a Muslim funeral take place after death?

Creamtion is forbidden in Islam. A Muslim funeral will typically be held within 24 hours of death. 

How long does a Jewish cremation take place after death?

A Jewish funeral would ideally take place within 24 hours of death, but in modern times this is rarely feasible with family members and other bookings taking the time.

How long does a Hindu cremation take place after death?

A Hindu cremation will take place as soon as possible after death, with the optimal time within  24 hours if possible.