Direct Cremation in Manchester

How to Arrange a Direct Cremation Funeral in Manchester

How Much is a Direct Cremation in Manchester?

The average cost of arranging an unattended, simple cremation funeral in Manchester is £1,317. This is based on the prices offered by a selection of local funeral providers.

This fee should include:

  • Bringing the deceased into the care of the funeral provider
  • Preparation of the deceased for the cremation
  • A simple coffin
  • All cremation and crematoria fees
  • Scattering or collection of the ashes, plus many providers will deliver the ashes to you for free.

Cheapest Simple Cremation in Manchester

The cheapest cremation service in Manchester costs £995, and it is a direct cremation service with James Bradley & Sons (part of Dignity Funerals).

Who Offers Direct Cremation in Manchester?

You have two options when it comes to arranging a direct cremation in Manchester:

1. A local funeral director who will offer a direct cremation for you

2. A nationwide company that specialises in direct cremation. You can read more about direct cremation service providers here

A Selection of Local Funeral Directors Offering Direct Cremation in Manchester

*Part of Co-op Funeralcare.
**Part of Dignity plc.

Nationwide Companies Offering Direct Cremation

Where Can I Find a Crematorium Near Manchester?

Here is a selection of crematoria in the Manchester area together with their fees for a weekday, unattended direct cremation fee:

The Manchester Crematorium, Chorlton-cum-Hardy

0161 881 5269
Open: 8:30am-4:30pm, Mon-Fri

Agecroft Crematorium, Swinton

0161 686 7290
Open: 9am-4:30pm, Mon-Fri

Howe Bridge Crematorium, Atherton

01942 870811
Open: 9am-5pm, Mon-Fri

Blackley Crematorium, Blackley

0161 227 3201
Open: 9:30am-4pm, Mon-Fri

East Lancashire Crematorium, Radcliffe

01617 246349
Enquire for Opening Times

Peel Green Crematorium, Eccles

0161 794 4711
Enquire for Opening Times

Walton Lea Crematorium, Warrington

01925 267731
Open: 9am-4:30pm, Mon-Thu
9am-4pm, Fri

Macclesfield Crematorium, Macclesfield

01625 383946
Enquire for Opening Times

Stockport Crematorium, Stockport

0161 480 5221
Enquire for Opening Times

Dukinfield Crematorium, Dukinfield

0161 342 4461
Open: 8:30am-noon, 1pm-4pm, Mon-Fri

Hollinwood Crematorium, Oldham

0161 681 1312
Open: 9am-4pm, Mon-Fri

Altrincham Crematorium, Altrincham

0161 912 1515
Open: 8:30am-4:30pm, Mon-Fri

Rochdale Crematorium, Rochdale

01706 645219
Open: 8:30am-noon, 1pm-4:30pm, Mon-Fri

Middleton Crematorium, Middleton

0161 643 4321
Open: 8:30am-noon, 1pm-4:30pm, Mon-Fri

What Do I Need to Do if Someone Has Died in Manchester?

If a person has died in Manchester and you wish to arrange for them a direct cremation funeral, there are two things that you need to do:

    How to Register a Death in Manchester

    You must register the death within five days at your local register office. You may also start the process here for Manchester City, or here for Salford.

    To complete the registration, the registrar will need to receive a medical certificate.

    If the deceased has died while in hospital then the bereavement team should send the medical certificate directly to the registrar.

    If, however, the deceased has passed away at home, then you will need to arrange for the visit of a doctor to carry out this service for you.

    Death Certificate & Certification of Cremation

    Once you have registered the death you should be issued with:

    • A Death Certificate (‘form BD8’); and
    • A Certificate for Burial or Cremation (‘the green form’).

    Please note that if the deceased is in the care of a local hospital or public mortuary, these steps must normally be completed before they will agree to release the body to your nominated funeral provider.

    The exception to this process is if the death has been referred to a coroner. In this case, the coroner will take the deceased into their care before completing an investigation to establish the cause of death. The coroner may issue you with an interim death certificate to begin the process of arranging the deceased’s affairs. Once the coroner has completed their investigation they will issue you with the full paperwork.

    In all cases, you should not finalise funeral arrangements until the legal processes are complete.

    Registry Offices near Manchester

    Manchester Registration Service

    The Register Office
    Heron House
    47 Lloyd Street
    M2 5LE
    0161 234 5005
    Open: Mon-Fri, 8:15am – 3:30pm

    Salford Register Office

    Civic Centre
    Chorley Road
    M27 5DA
    0161 909 6501
    Open: Mon-Fri, 9am-4:30pm

    Coroners in Manchester

    Manchester City

    Manchester Coroner’s Office

    Exchange Floor
    The Royal Exchange Building
    Cross Street
    M2 7EF
    0161 219 2222
    Open: Mon-Fri, 9am-4pm

    Greater Manchester West

    Bolton Coroner’s Office

    Paderborn House
    Howell Croft North
    BL1 1JW
    01204 338 799
    Open: Mon-Fri, 8:30am-4pm

    Greater Manchester North

    Rochdale Coroner’s Office

    The Phoenix Centre
    L/Cpl Stephen Shaw MC Way
    OL10 1LR
    01706 924 815
    Open: Mon-Fri, 8:30am–12:30pm, 1:30pm–4:30pm

    Greater Manchester South

    Stockport Coroner’s Office

    Mount Tabor
    Mottram Street
    SK1 3PA
    0161 474 3993
    Open: Mon-Thu, 8:30am-4:30pm
    Fri, 8:30am-4pm

    Please note that if the death has been referred to the local coroner, then you will need to wait for this process to be completed before finalising funeral arrangements for the deceased. For further information, please click the following buttons:

    The Coroners’ Courts Support Service Helpline (England and Wales)

    0300 111 2141
    Monday- Friday, 9am-7pm
    Saturday, 9am-2pm

    Major Hospitals near Manchester

    Manchester Royal Infirmary

    Oxford Road
    Greater Manchester
    M13 9WL
    0161 276 1234

    Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital

    Oxford Road
    Greater Manchester
    M13 9WL
    0161 276 1234

    North Manchester General Hospital

    Delaunays Road
    Greater Manchester
    M8 5RB
    0300 330 9444

    Salford Royal Hospital

    Stott Lane
    M6 8HD
    0161 789 7373

    The Christie Hospital

    550 Wilmslow Road
    Greater Manchester
    M20 4BX
    0161 446 3000

    Trafford General Hospital

    Moorside Road
    Greater Manchester
    M41 5SL
    0161 748 4022

    Wythenshawe Hospital

    Southmoor Road
    Greater Manchester
    M23 9LT
    0161 998 7070

    Tameside General Hospital

    Fountain St
    Ashton Under Lyne
    OL6 9RW
    0161 922 6000

    Royal Oldham Hospital

    Rochdale Road
    Greater Manchester
    OL1 2JH
    0161 624 0420

    Stepping Hill Hospital

    Stepping Hill Hospital
    Poplar Grove
    SK2 7JE
    0161 483 1010

    Fairfield General Hospital

    Rochdale Old Road
    BL9 7TD
    0161 624 0420

    Royal Bolton Hospital

    Minerva Road
    BL4 0JR
    01204 390390

    Rochdale Infirmary

    Whitehall Street
    OL12 0NB
    0161 624 0420

    Leigh Infirmary

    The Avenue
    WN7 1HS
    01942 244000

    How Do I Arrange a Direct Cremation in Manchester?

    To arrange a direct cremation funeral in Manchester, select a local funeral director or a nationwide direct cremation provider to start the arrangements for you.

    To help you with your choice, we have reviewed all of the nationwide direct cremation funeral providers.

    All of our direct cremation service reviews have been carried out by an independent writer/researcher who has experience of working in the funeral sector.

    Each service is scored across five different sectors; direct cremation price, inclusivity, flexibility, locality & customer satisfaction.
    Each of these is broken down below to give some clarity into how we scored each service.

    Direct Cremation in Manchester: Frequently Asked Questions

    We have answered the most common questions below, but feel free to read our in-depth Direct Cremation fact sheet for more information.

    How Much is a Direct Cremation in Manchester?

    The average cost of a direct cremation funeral in Manchester is £1,317. This is based on the prices offered by a selection of local funeral providers.

    Where Can I Find a Funeral Director in Manchester?

    We have selected five, local funeral directors in Manchester who offer direct cremation funerals.

    Do I Have to Use a Funeral Provider?

    There is no obligation for you to engage the services of a funeral provider. You must, however, arrange for the disposal of the body, usually through either a burial or a cremation.

    Check out our helpful guide to organising a funeral without the assistance of a funeral director. For the prices of cremations, choose from our selection of crematoria in Manchester.

    Where can I Scatter Ashes in Manchester?

    Here are some public places in or near Manchester where you may be able to scatter ashes:
    – A local cemetery such as Blackley Cemetery.
    – A local park, like Healy Dell or Tandle Hill Woods
    – In the nearby Cheshire or Lancashire countryside, or in the Peak District National Park.
    – The river Irwell

    If scattering on public land or private land you do not own, you will need to seek permission from the landowner first.
    Please read our guide if you wish to scatter ashes in the sea or river.

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