Extra Large Urns

sunset scatter tube
Extra Large Urns

Extra Large Urns Sunset Scatter Tube

oak barrel urn for ashes
oak barrel urn for ashes
Ashes Caskets

Oak Barrel Urn

oval stone urn
urns for ashes stone colours
Companion Urn

Oval Magma Urn

bird in a tree urn for ashes
garden urn for 2 people bird in tree
Artistic Cremation Urns

Bird Tree Artist Urn

discreet urn for ashes
discreet urn candle
black urns

Home Discreet Urn

vase for ashes white
vase urn for ashes grey
blue urns

Vase for Ashes

double wooden urn for ashes
urn handles
Ashes Caskets

Double Wooden Urns for Ashes

planter urns for ashes
garden urn planter for ashes
Companion Urn

Memorial Planter for Ashes

square birdbath for ashes
bird urns for ashes

Square Memorial Bird Bath for Ashes

flower colourful glass urn for ashes
blue urns

Blown Glass Urn

lotus ceramic urn
Ceramic urns

Lotus Ceramic Urn

Ceramic urns

Patterned Ceramic Urn

ceramic textured urn for ashes
Ceramic urns

Textured Ceramic Urn

large teardrop adult urn for ashes
large teardrop adult urn for ashes
Artistic Cremation Urns

Loving Teardrop

Striped Ceramic Urn
Ceramic urns

Striped Ceramic Urn

green planter for ashes
green memorial planter for ashes
Companion Urn

Planter for Ashes

companion urn for ashes
Stairway Ceramic Urn Bronze
Artistic Cremation Urns

Extra Large Urns Stairway Ceramic Urn Bronze

Rectangular Coloured Willow blue
Rectangular Coloured Willow rainbow
Ashes Caskets

Rectangular Coloured Willow Ashes Casket

Stone Garden Urn
stone colours
Companion Urn

Royale Stone Garden Urn

handmade personalised wooden urn oak
wooden tealight for ashes
Ashes Caskets

Solid Carved Wooden Box for Ashes

white wooden urn box
wooden white casket for ashes
Ashes Caskets

White Wooden Urn Box

On Sale
flower vase for ashes turquoise
Glass Flower Urn Vase for Ashes Large
blue urns

Glass Flower Urn Vase for Ashes

traditional white urn for ashes
traditional yellow urn for ashes
blue urns

Traditional Ceramic Urn

rippled ceramic urn for ashes
green rippled ceramic urn
Ceramic urns

Rippled Ceramic Urn

large wooden heart urn
painted wooden heart urn for ashes
Companion Urn

Extra Large Urns Large Wooden Heart Urn for Ashes

stone memorial double bird bath urn for 2 sets of ashes
bird urns for ashes

Double Birdbath Urn

bespoke oak casket
custom oak box for ashes
Custom Urns

Extra Large Urns Custom Made Wooden Casket

ceramic bronze extra large urn for human ashes
Artistic Cremation Urns

Large Ceramic Bronze Urn


Extra Large Urns

We sell a range of extra large urn to cater for tall or heavy individuals to ensure the perfect resting place. Our urn calculator will help you determine the correct size urn you need