An Honest and Detailed Tyde Cremations Review

As part of our commitment to helping families understand their choices, we have thoroughly researched the direct cremation market. This detailed Tyde Cremations review will help you understand if the service Tydel supply is the right choice for you and your lost one.

Speed of Service
Customer Satisfaction
One, Simple Direct Cremation Service
Prices Start at £850
Available Throughout England & Wales
Flexible Payment Options

Low cost – If budgeting for an inclusive funeral is your priority, then Tyde offers one of the lowest headline prices for a direct cremation funeral in the UK today. 

Starting at £850 –  a Tyde direct cremation funeral will cover almost every reasonable requirement with the exception of delivery of the ashes, which can be arranged for an additional price. Alternatively, you can opt to have the ashes scattered in the garden of remembrance at no extra cost.

Coffin / urns – Tyde offers a simple, eco-friendly coffin with each of their direct cremation funerals. Delivery of the ashes will be in a simple scatter tube, although you may select from a range of other urns for a further fee. 

Other services – Should you need help with other aspects of end of life planning, Tyde’s online portal will assist you also in planning a celebration of life, raising money to pay for a funeral, and completing legal documentation.

Customer service – Tyde is a small, relatively new provider in the funeral industry. However, they are establishing a track record of achieving a very high degree of customer satisfaction.

Tyde Cremation Cost

What’s Included in the £850 Tyde Direct Cremation?

Tyde provides the following services in their single, direct cremation funeral. Everything is included in the headline price, except for the optional extras for which there will be an additional, specified charge:

Services Available throughout England & Wales

Collection of the deceased from any hospital or public mortuary

Collection of the deceased from any residential address or care home

Urgent collection of the deceased

Transfer to and care of the deceased at the crematorium

Doctors’ fees (if required)

Eco-friendly coffin

Unattended cremation service

Option to have the ashes scattered in the Garden of Remembrance

The choice to be informed of the date of cremation

Paid Extras Include


Delivery of the ashes


1. If opting for delivery of the ashes, Tyde will aim to carry this out within two to three weeks following the cremation. You will need to bear this timescale in mind if you wish to have the ashes present at a separate memorial service of your choosing.

2. The ashes will be returned in a scatter tube (with a choice of design) should you select this option. However, Tyde also offers a number of more permanent urns made from bamboo, wicker or wood for prices starting from £26.

3. Payment for the cremation service will normally be due in full at the time of confirming the funeral arrangements. However, through a partnership with a banking institution, three payment plan options are available to spread the cost (see below for details).

Tyde vs Simplicity Cremation Vs Pure Cremation

Here’s how the Tyde Direct Cremations compares to direct cremations offered by a selection of other providers:

SERVICEtyde_cremation_logofarewill logodirectcremation co uk logosimplicity cremations logopure cremation logodistinct cremations logo
LIST PRICE£850£800£895£995£1,295£895
AREAEngland & WalesEng, Scot & WalesEngland & WalesGBUKGB
OUT-OF-HOURS COLLECTIONyes£250£250£195£250£250
DOCTORS FEEyes£82£82yesyes£82
DRESS THE DECEASEDclothing worn at time of collectionSimple gownSimple GownSimple Gownonly clothing worn by the
deceased at time of collection
only clothing worn by the deceased at time of collection
OPTION FOR OWN CLOTHESyesNoNoNoThey will drape clothes over the body but not dress themyes
REMOVAL OF MEDICAL DEVICESyesAdditional cost, subject to details£100Subject to detailsyesyes
REMOVAL OF JEWELLERYyes but advised to remove beforehandYesyesnoyes£50
COFFINeco friendly woodoak vaneerEco friendly wooden coffinDark Wood Effectsolid woodVeneer Chipboard
MAX. TIME BETWEEN COLLECTION & CREMATIONunspecifiedunspecifiedUnspecified‘within a few days’14 daysUnspecified
OPTION TO ATTENDnonovariable price£400-£900£250-£400£300
CHOICE OF CREMATORIUMnononoattended only optionNoAttended option only
DELIVERY OF ASHES£50£50£91£75Yesyes
MAX. TIME FOR ASHES DELIVERY AFTER CREMATION14 days20 daysunspecified28 days21 days14 days

Closest Competitor Service

Below we have listed the closest comparable product to the direct cremation service offered by Tyde Cremation

CompetitorCelebration of Life
ServiceSimilar pricing; Tyde is slightly more expensive, but for a lot more included/guaranteed
Both are relatively small companies owned by their founder-directors
DifferenceTyde covers only England and Wales
ReviewRead our Celebration of Life Cremation Review

Tyde Customer Reviews

Below are the awards, customer reviews and our opinion of the Tyde direct cremations offering

Tyde has earned an impressive 4.7 out of a possible 5.0 stars on Trustpilot with not a single negative review recorded.

Although the present number of reviews is relatively low compared to some other providers, they appear to be establishing a promising track record.

Is a Tyde Direct Cremation Funeral Right for Me?

A Tyde Cremation Funeral Service may be a suitable option if:

    On the other hand, Tyde cremations may be less suitable if:

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Is there a Paper Brochure available for Tyde?

      Tyde does not offer any paper literature for their direct cremation funeral service.

      How do I Purchase a Tyde Direct Cremation Funeral?

      A direct cremation funeral can be arranged online or over the phone.

      What Type of Coffin does Tyde provide?

      An eco-friendly coffin is supplied with a Tyde direct cremation funeral service.

      What Happens to Medical Devices and Jewellery?

      The removal of medical devices is included in the cost of a Tyde direct cremation funeral.

      Tyde will also remove and store jewellery and other valuables at no extra cost, but they recommend that such items be removed prior to bringing the deceased into their care.

      Can I Choose where the Cremation Takes Place?

      No, you will not be able to choose the crematorium handling the cremation.

      Will Tyde Tell me the Date of Cremation?

      You have the option to be told of the date of cremation if you are purchasing a direct cremation funeral. 

      How Can I Pay for My Tyde Funeral?

      Payment for a Tyde direct cremation funeral can be made by debit or credit card.

      Ordinarily, Tyde requires payment in full at the time the funeral arrangements are confirmed. However, through a partnership with Klarna Bank, three payment plan options are available:

      • Single, interest-free payment after thirty days.
      • Interest-free payment spread over three instalments: immediately, after thirty days, and after sixty days.
      • Interest-bearing financing with repayment spread over six to thirty-six months.

      Are Special Offers or Tyde Discounts Available?

      Tyde does not appear to be running any promotional offers at this time, nor do they offer discounts to selected groups.

      They have, however, published a detailed article on how you can search for help with paying for a funeral.

      When arranging a direct cremation funeral with Tyde, you’ll have access to a portal where you can create an online obituary for your loved one known as a Tyde Page. As well as publishing details of the funeral, you’ll be able to collect donations from friends and family which can be used to help cover funeral costs.

      How do I Make Enquiries?

      Enquiries can be made by email, by phone or through an online contact form.

      A Direct Cremation Funeral can be arranged on 0333 444 2211

      Their email address is

      The company also has a social media presence on Twitter and Facebook, but it’s not clear if these accounts are monitored for the purpose of making enquiries.

      Are there any Hidden Costs?

      The headline price for a Tyde direct cremation funeral should cover all of the essentials for a direct cremation in the UK.

      However, extra provision will have to be made for contingencies or for optional items. For instance, delivery of the ashes will be subject to an additional charge.

      Do Tyde Offer a Pre paid funeral plan?

      Tyde is not offering any prepayment plans for sale at this time, but they are hoping to do so in the near future.

      Are Tyde Eco-Friendly?

      Tyde supplies eco-friendly coffins and urns for their direct cremation.

      Who Owns Tyde?

      Founded in 2020, Tyde is a small funeral provider owned by its directors.