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Our Celebration of Life Direct Cremation Review

As part of our commitment to helping families understand their choices, we have provided individual reviews of direct cremation companies in the uk. This detailed Celebration of Life review will help you understand if the celebration of life service is the right company for you and your lost one.

Headline Price
Speed of Service
Customer Satisfaction
One, Simple Direct Cremation Service
All-inclusive Service
Prices Start at £795
Funeral Plans Available
Coverage Throughout Great Britain*
FCA Regulated

Lowest Price – New to the funeral industry in 2019, Celebration of Life offers one of the lowest headline prices for a direct cremation funeral in Great Britain today.

Specialists – Unlike many other arrangers which offer a variety of funeral services, Celebration of Life specialises in direct cremation. They promise to include most of the essentials for carrying out a direct cremation funeral, while giving you the flexibility to choose additional options such as hand delivery of the ashes. Their prices for these optional services do, however, tend to be a little higher than those offered by some other providers.

Features – Celebration of Life offers a medium density fibreboard coffin sourced from sustainable materials with each of their direct cremation funerals. While mourners will be unable to attend the cremation, the staff at Celebration of Life will be sure to inform you of the date on which the cremation takes place. They will also allow you to choose the crematorium for an additional, negotiated fee.

Cremation Funeral Plans – In addition, Celebration of Life offers a pre-payment plan for their direct cremation service. More inclusive than an at-need funeral, you can be sure that the majority of circumstances will be taken care of when the time comes. Their flexible payment options allow for payment to be made in monthly instalments for up to five years if you wish to spread the cost.*

Planting a tree – With each of their direct cremation funeral services, Celebration of Life will donate to the planting of a tree with the National Trust “Plant a Tree Fund” – a fitting, environmentally friendly way in which to commemorate your loved one.

Customer service – Celebration of Life has earned a very high degree of customer satisfaction, suggesting that a commitment to offering care and compassion doesn’t go out of the window when opting for an affordable funeral option. 

*Some instalment plans are age dependent. See below for further details.

Celebration of Life Direct Cremation Cost

What’s Included in the £795 Direct Cremation Funeral Price?

Celebration of Life will provide the following services in their single, direct cremation funeral. Everything is included in the headline price, except for the optional extras for which there will be an additional, specified charge:

Services Available throughout Great Britain*

Collection of the deceased from any hospital or public mortuary during office hours

Transfer to and care of deceased at the crematorium

Dress for the deceased

A simple, medium density fibreboard coffin

Unattended cremation service

Option to have the ashes scattered in the Garden of Remembrance

Choice to be informed of the date of cremation

Paid Extras Include


Collection of the deceased from any residential address or care home


Urgent collection of the deceased


Doctors Fee


Hand delivery of the ashes

*Additional costs may be levied if providing service to the Scottish Highlands, or to any British island not connected to the mainland by a road bridge.


1. Collection of the deceased will normally be within seven days of concluding the funeral arrangements, with the cremation itself taking place a few days after. The ashes will be delivered after a further twenty-eight days at an agreed time should you select this option. You will need to bear this timescale in mind if you wish to have the ashes present at a separate memorial service of your choosing.

2. The ashes will be returned in a biodegradable scatter tube, which can be buried directly in the ground. However you have the option of providing Celebration of Life with an urn of your choice if you prefer.

3. Unless you hold a fully paid Celebration of Life Funeral Plan, payment for the cremation service will be due in full prior to collection of the deceased – there is no credit option or payment plan available. This is in line with the service offered by most other providers.

Celebration of Life Direct Cremation Service Vs Pure Cremation

Here’s how a Celebration of Life Direct Cremation ervice compares to direct cremations offered by a selection of other providers:

SERVICEpure cremation logocelebration of life cremations logoco-op_funeral_cremation_logodistinct cremations logo
LIST PRICE£1,295£795£995£895
DOCTORS FEEyes£82£82£82
DRESS THE DECEASEDonly clothing worn by the
deceased at time of collection
Simple GownSimple Gownonly clothing worn by the deceased at time of collection
OPTION FOR OWN CLOTHESThey will drape clothes over the body but not dress them£50Noyes
COFFINsolid woodMedium Density FibreboardBasicVeneer Chipboard
MAX. TIME BETWEEN COLLECTION & CREMATION14 daysUnspecifiedUnspecifiedUnspecified
OPTION TO ATTEND£250-£400nono£300
CHOICE OF CREMATORIUMNoFee depends on locationnoAttended option only
DELIVERY OF ASHESYes£100£50 to funeral homeyes

Closest Competitor Service

Below we have listed the closest comparable product to the direct cremation service offered by Celebration of Life Direct Cremation

CompetitorTyde Cremations
ServiceSimilar pricing; Tyde is slightly more expensive, but for a lot more included/guaranteed
Both relatively small, independent companies owned by their founder-directors
DifferenceTyde covers only England and Wales
ReviewRead our Tyde Cremations Review

Celebration of Life Direct Cremation Funeral Plans

In addition to an, ‘at need’ direct cremation service, Celebration of Life offers a direct cremation funeral plan, which is suitable for those that are planning ahead

Headline Price
Payment Flexibility
Guaranteed Coverage
Customer Satisfaction

Celebration of Life Direct Cremation Plan

A summary of the benefits of the cremation plan is below


Available to all adults aged 18 and over.


Covers all included services of a Celebration of Life Direct Cremation Funeral with additional costs such as doctors’ fees and collection from a private residence covered also.


Pay in full, or spread the cost by up to 60 months for an additional 4.8% per annum.*


No deposit required, although if paying by instalments you can make an upfront contribution to reduce your monthly payments.


Full redemption for the plan benefits available either after the first twenty-four months of instalments or settlement of the cost in full (whichever is earlier).


Apply online, by post or over the phone.


Funds are protected in an investment trust.

*Instalment plans longer than 24 months are open only to plan beneficiaries who will be under the age of 80 when the plan is expected to finish.

Celebration of Life Funeral Plan: How Much Will I Pay?


Number of InstalmentsMonthly InstalmentTOTAL COSTExtra Paid
Single Payment£1,450.00


1. If paying in full, redemption for the plan benefits is available if the beneficiary dies at any time – there is no waiting period or restriction.

2.If paying by instalments, redemption for the plan benefits is available after the first twenty-four months of payments – even if your instalment plan isn’t complete.

3. If paying by instalments, redemption is available within the first twenty-four months of payments if death of the beneficiary is accidental. If death is not accidental within this time-frame, the estate of the deceased has the option of paying the balance of the plan, or requesting a full refund. 

4. Prior to completing any instalment plan, coverage may be dependent upon you maintaining an up to date payment schedule.

5. You have the right to cancel the plan free of charge within sixty days following the date of purchase.

6. After sixty days, cancellation of a plan is subject to a £350 administration charge. If you are paying by instalments and have not yet paid more than £350, you will receive no refund.

7. The plan benefits are transferable to another beneficiary if the plan has been fully paid.

8. There is no requirement to disclose medical conditions.

Celebration of Life Cremation Funeral Plan Vs Other Providers

Here’s how the payment options for the Celebration of Life Direct Cremation Funeral Plan compares to similar direct cremation funeral plans offered by a selection of other providers. 

Please note that not all plans may offer precisely the same benefits.

SERVICEpure cremation logocelebration of life cremations logomemoria logogolden charter logo
UP FRONT PRICE£1,795£1,450£1,490£1,749
6 MONTH PLAN£1,749.96
1 YEAR PLAN£1,866.84£1,519.56£1,749.00**
2 YEAR PLAN£1,941.36£1,589.28£1,843.00**
3 YEAR PLAN£2,019.24£1,658.88£1,894.72**
4 YEAR PLAN£2,100.00£1,728.00Varies*£1,946.44**
5 YEAR PLAN£2,184.00 £1,798.20£1,999.00**
6 YEAR PLAN£2,053.48**
7 YEAR PLAN£2,108.68**
8 YEAR PLAN£2,164.84**
9 YEAR PLAN£2,224.12**