Carrying ashes on Qatar Airways flight

Taking Ashes on a Qatar Airways Plane

After contacting Qatar Airways via email support and phone, we’ve put this informative piece together to explain firsthand their rules and regulations regarding travelling with human and animal ashes on their flights.

Can You Take Ashes on a Plane With Qatar Airways?

Yes, Qatar Airways allows cremated human and animal ashes to be taken on their flights. There are procedures you must follow if doing so, so please read this thoroughly to ensure your trip goes smoothly.

  • Qatar Airways only allows for ashes to be stored within your hand luggage. This is safer than transporting them in your hold luggage, as you can ensure they won’t get damaged or lost.
  • The ashes must be stored securely in an appropriate container and sufficiently cushioned within your hand baggage to avoid breakage. This container must be non-metallic and should be able to get scanned by X-ray at airport security. Qatar Airways have confirmed that you can transport ashes in an urn made of the correct materials but that the urn must be packed well in a sealed outer box or case.
  • You must have to hand a copy of the death and cremation certificate.
  • You must inform ground staff that you are carrying ashes when checking in for your flight. You should also let security staff know when you’re about to go through the security area to help ensure there are no delays and that your pet or loved one’s ashes are handled with care.

If you’re travelling with ashes without the correct paperwork, Qatar Airways may remove them from your baggage and refuse to allow you to fly with them. A lack of preparation could lead to a horrible, easily avoidable situation.

Qatar Airways Flight Urn Restrictions

If you’re travelling with an urn as a container for ashes, you should ensure the following:

  • The urn must be made from materials that can be X-ray scanned. Materials such as glass, wood, plastic, marble or ceramic are all acceptable. You should ensure the urn is non-metallic to avoid any issues at airport security.
  • The urn lid must be securely sealed and the urn placed within a sealed outer box or case that is securely packed and cushioned against turbulence, shock and damage.
  • The urn (within its case) must fit within your hand luggage.
  • The urn and hand luggage cannot exceed Qatar Airways weight restriction – 7kg max.
  • The urn and hand luggage cannot exceed Qatar Airways size restrictions.

Qatar Airways Flight Baggage Allowance

All Qatar Airways customers are allowed one 7kg piece of hand luggage measuring 50cm x 37cm x 25cm. If you’re travelling business or first class, your hand luggage allowance is two bags measuring 50x37x25cm each, and you have a total weight allowance of 15kg.

Qatar Airways flights are spacious, but if you’re travelling with an urn, we recommend choosing one made from a strong material that will travel well. As Qatar Airways require you to package your urn against breakages, your urn should arrive without damage regardless of how your hand luggage is stored. Due to Qatar Airways weight restrictions, you may find travelling easier with ashes stored in a scattering tube or a plastic screw-top container.

Where Can I Fly to With Ashes? 

Qatar Airways allows you to transport ashes to all the countries they service. However, all countries have different rules and regulations regarding transporting ashes, so to avoid disappointment, we recommend thoroughly researching the requirements of your destination.

Contact the embassy of your destination country, so you know what paperwork is needed on arrival to ensure a positive outcome. Some countries require translated copies of paperwork or proof of your relationship with the deceased, so it’s best to prepare well before travelling.