Guidance For Storing Ceramic Urns Outdoors

Thank you for considering one of our beautifully designed ceramic urns for ashes. This page will outline some general guidance and advice for storing a ceramic urn outside, which we have marked as ‘suitable for outside storage’

Our range of ceramic urns are hand thrown in Europe before being left to dry for three weeks,  fired three times at over 1200°C and finished with a specific coating to ensure a robust and long-lasting urn.

Whilst these urns are suitable for outdoor use, this is to be used as a guide and should not be seen as a carefree way to store ashes in a garden with no further thought.

Please note, when referring to our ceramic urns, suitable for outside does not mean sitting in a wet garden for years at a time or in direct contact with sunlight or harsher weather for long periods of time. If there is harsh weather forecast, we will always recommend the urn be placed inside or at the very least out of direct contact of these harsh weather conditions.

We have the option of providing a weatherproof sealant with the urn, which should be applied carefully and consistently around any opening to ensure damp or condensation does not form inside the urn as this will cause damage and shorten the lifespan.

When placing the ashes inside any urn that will be displayed outdoors, we always recommend that the ashes be placed inside a bag, so if anything unfortunate should happen to the urn then the ashes are protected and can be placed inside another vessel.

If you would prefer an urn which can be placed outside with less of a worry then please look for a non-ceramic material in our range of Garden urns such as our Natural Stone range, marble urns or the stainless steel petal urn.


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