Our Liberty Cremations Review

As part of our commitment to helping families understand their choices, we have thoroughly researched the Direct Cremation market. This detailed Liberty Cremations review will help you understand if the Liberty Direct Cremation service is the right company for you and your lost one.

Headline Price
Speed of Service
Customer Satisfaction
One, Simple Direct Cremation Service
All Inclusive Service
Prices Start at £1,445
Available Throughout England and Wales

Direct Cremation Specialist – Established with the dedicated purpose of offering direct cremations, Liberty Cremations offers one of the most straightforward direct cremation services available in England and Wales today.

All inclusive – The inclusive fee of £1,445 claims to cover every reasonable contingency at each step of the way until safe delivery of the ashes. For instance, collection of the deceased from a private residence or care home – at any hour of the day – is included in the price. Most other providers would demand an additional payment for this service.

Peace of mind – This offer of inclusiveness may, of course, mean you end up paying for services that you do not use. But should you wish to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with everything having been taken care of, Liberty Cremations may be the ideal choice.

Delivery of ashes – In line with most other providers, Liberty Cremations offers a simple, wood-effect coffin and hand delivery of the ashes to your chosen address. An option to attend the cremation is not available, but Liberty is willing to put you in touch with an appropriate funeral director should you prefer a more traditional funeral.

Own fleet of vehicles – Liberty maintains its own fleet of vehicles and mortuaries to care for the deceased while maintaining partnerships with three, selected crematoria:

  • Barnsley Crematorium, West Yorkshire
  • The Oaks Crematorium, Havant, Hampshire
  • Wealden Crematorium, Horam, East Sussex

Established owners – Liberty Cremations is a trading name of C P J Field & Co., a funeral director operating a network of funeral homes in the South of England. With continuous ownership by the same family for more than three hundred years, your Liberty Cremations direct cremation funeral will benefit from the personal experience of one of the most well-established names in the funeral industry.

Liberty Crematorium Locations

  • Barnsley Crematorium, West Yorkshire
  • The Oaks Crematorium, Havant, Hampshire
  • Wealden Crematorium, Horam, East Sussex

Liberty Direct Cremation Cost

What’s Included in the £1,495 Direct Cremation Funeral Price?

Liberty Cremations will provide the following services in their single, direct cremation funeral. Everything is included in the headline price, with no additional charges.

Services available throughout mainland England and Wales

Collection of the deceased from any hospital, public mortuary, residential address or care home at any time, including urgent collection

Transfer to and care of deceased at the crematorium

Dress for the deceased in their own clothes

Doctors Fee (if required)

A simple, wood-effect coffin

Unattended cremation service

Delivery of the ashes

Option to have the ashes scattered in the Garden of Remembrance at the crematorium


1. The cremation should be carried out within ten to twenty-eight days of arranging the funeral. Following delivery of the deceased from the care of Liberty to one of their three partner crematoria, the cremation itself should take place after no more than seventy-two hours

2. Liberty Cremations will arrange for collection of the ashes from the crematorium forty-eight hours following the cremation. Once the ashes are safely within their care, they will contact you to arrange delivery to your chosen address, with an aim to carry this out within fourteen days. You will need to bear these timescales in mind if you wish to have the ashes present at a separate memorial service of your choosing.

3. There is no option to attend the cremation, nor will you be able to select the date and time of cremation. However, Liberty Cremations will offer to refer you to a funeral home within the C P J Field & Co. group if you wish to arrange a more traditional funeral.

4. The ashes will be returned in a scatter tube designed for easy access either for scattering or for transfer to a more permanent urn.

5. Payment for the cremation service will be due in full no later than twenty-four hours prior to the cremation – there is no credit option or payment plan available. This is in line with the service offered by most other providers.

Liberty Direct Cremations Vs Pure Cremation

Here’s how Liberty Cremations Direct Cremation Funeral Service compares to direct cremations offered by a selection of other providers:

SERVICEliberty-cremations-reviewsimplicity cremations logopure cremation logodistinct-cremation-logo
ServiceLiberty CremationsSimplicity CremationsPure CremationDistinct Cremations
List Price£1,445£995£1,295£895
CoverageEngland and WalesGreat BritainUKGreat Britain
Hospital or Public Mortuary CollectionYesYesYesYes
Residential Address or Care Home CollectionYes£250£250£200
Out-of-Hours CollectionYes195£250£250
Doctors’ FeesYesYesYes£82
Dress for the Deceasedresponse pendingSimple GownClothing worn by the
deceased at the time of collection
Clothing worn by the
deceased at the time of collection
Option for Own ClothesYesNoYesYes
Removal of Medical DevicesYesAdditional cost,
subject to details
Removal of JewelleryYesNoYes£50
CoffinWood EffectDark Wood EffectSolid WoodUnvarnished Veneer Chipboard
Max. time between Collection and Cremation28 DaysWithin a few days14 DaysUnspecified
Option to AttendNo+£400-£900+£250-£400£400
Option to be Informed of Cremation Dateresponse pendingNoYesYes
Choice of CrematoriumNoAttended OnlyNoAttended Only
Delivery of AshesYes£75YesYes
Max. Time for Ashes Delivery following Cremation14 Days28 Days21 Days14 Days

Closest Competitor Service

Below we have listed the closest comparable product to the direct cremation service offered by Dignity Funerals

CompetitorPure Cremation
ServiceBoth services are highly inclusive. Each offers a relatively centralised set of operations in only one to three crematoria
DifferenceLiberty is the most inclusive but the headline price is higher – you could pay more if you don’t need, say, an urgent collection. Liberty has no option to attend. Liberty’s coverage excludes Scotland and Northern Ireland
ReviewRead our Pure Cremation Review

Liberty Cremations Customer Reviews

Below are the awards, customer reviews and our opinion of the Liberty Cremation offering

Liberty Cremations has earned 4.0 out of a possible 5.0 star rating on Trustpilot.

To date, there are only nine reviews available which may reflect the fact that the trading name is relatively new.

However, it’s worth pointing out that eight of these reviews awarded a perfect 5.0 rating, with only one review recording a dissatisfied experience.

Such reviews are likely to be valuable in the case of Liberty Cremations. As they are specialists in direct cremation, you know that every single review applies to the very same service that you can expect to receive, whereas the reviews of other funeral directors could apply to services you would never use.

Is a Liberty Direct Cremation Funeral Right for Me?

A Liberty Direct Cremation may be a suitable option if:

You would like all of the essentials to be covered in one, simple price.
You would like every reasonable contingency to have been accounted for at no extra charge. 
You would prefer delivery of the ashes to your chosen address at no extra cost.
You are keen to receive the services of a specialist in direct cremation benefiting from the experience of one of the most well-established funeral directors in the UK.
You would like to hold a celebration of life or memorial occasion entirely separate from the cremation process.

On the other hand, Liberty Cremations may be less suitable if:

You wish to retain an option for mourners to attend the funeral.
You would prefer for you or your loved one to be cremated close to home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Liberty offer a Paper Brochure Available?

Liberty Cremations does not offer any paper literature, but you can submit an enquiry online or over the phone. There is also an online chat option available.

How do I Purchase a Liberty Direct Cremation Funeral?

A direct cremation funeral can be purchased online or by phone after the death of the deceased. 

What Type of Coffin does Liberty Cremations provide?

A simple, wood-effect coffin is supplied with Liberty Cremations services.

Removal of medical devices and items of jewellery is included in the cost of caring for the deceased. Any items will be returned with the delivery of the ashes.

Can I Choose where the Cremation Takes Place?

No. All of Liberty Cremations’ unattended cremations will take place at one of the following venues:

  • Barnsley Crematorium, West Yorkshire
  • The Oaks Crematorium, Havant, Hampshire
  • Wealden Crematorium, Horam, East Sussex

Will Liberty Tell me the Date of Cremation?

You have the option to be told of the date of cremation if you are purchasing a direct cremation funeral. There is no need to decide straight away – you can ask them later.

How Can I Pay for My Liberty Funeral?

If arranging a funeral online or over the phone, you will be asked for a debit or credit card payment at the end of the arrangement process. If paying by credit card, the company will levy an additional 2% charge on third-party disbursement costs (doctors’ fees, etc.) but not on their own services.

Please note that Liberty Cremations requires payment in full a minimum of twenty-four hours before cremation is carried out.

Are Special Offers or Liberty Discounts Available?

Liberty Cremations does not appear to be running any promotional offers at this time, nor do they offer discounts to selected groups.

How do I Make Enquiries?

Enquiries can be made by email or by phone. There is also an online chat option available.

Staffed twenty-four hours, seven days a week, their free-phone number is 0800 008 6867.
Liberty’s email address is advice@libertycremations.co.uk.

The company also has a social media presence on Twitter and Facebook, but it’s not clear if these accounts are monitored for the purpose of making enquiries.

Are there any Hidden Costs?

Liberty Cremations claims that its inclusive price will cover every service and every reasonable contingency to carry out a direct cremation in the UK, between collection of the deceased and delivery of the ashes.

If paying by credit card, the company will levy an additional 2% charge on third party disbursement costs (doctors’ fees, etc.) but not on their own services.

Are Liberty Eco-Friendly?

Liberty Cremations do not emphasise their green credentials directly. However, their parent funeral director, C P J Field Ltd., has some detailed resources on the environmental impact of funerals:

With direct cremations, care for the deceased usually excludes the embalming process thus avoiding the use of the necessary chemicals. It’s worth noting also that any cremation is likely to be more environmentally friendly than a traditional burial.

As Liberty Cremations uses only three crematoria for all of their cremations, one possible downside is that the deceased’s remains may have to travel farther than they would if you were to engage the services of another provider.

Who Owns Liberty Cremations?

Liberty Cremations is a trading name of C P J Field & Co. Ltd. Operating a network of funeral homes in the South of England, C P J Field was founded in 1690, and so is one of the oldest funeral directors in the UK.

Ownership of C P J Field remains private and independent, with five members of the Field family sitting on the board of directors.