Our Distinct Cremation Direct Cremation Review

As part of our commitment to helping families understand their choices, we have thoroughly researched the Direct Cremation market, providing in-depth reviews of direct cremation services This detailed Distinct Direct Cremations review will help you understand if the Distinct service is the right company for you and your lost one.

Headline Price
Speed of Service
Customer Satisfaction
Specialist in Direct Cremation
Flexible Service
Prices Start at £895
Funeral Plans Available
Coverage Throughout Mainland UK
FCA Regulated

Low cost – Distinct Cremations succeeds in combining a low cost, flexible service with excellent customer satisfaction.

From £895 – Their unattended, Direct Cremation Service is available for the headline price of £895, with all of the essential services from collection of the deceased through to delivery of the ashes included. 

Additional services such as doctors’ fees, priority collection of the deceased and the removal of jewellery are available as optional extras. Compared to more inclusive providers, this means that you won’t pay for a service you either do not wish to have or do not end up using.

Quick service – Distinct Cremations offers an unvarnished, veneer chipboard coffin with each of their cremations. Delivery of the ashes to your chosen address will be within fourteen days. This timescale, inclusive of the price, is much quicker than that offered by most other providers.

UK Wide Service – Offering their services across the mainland UK, a Distinct cremation will be carried out at one of thirty-six venues operated by their parent company, the Westerleigh Group. While you will not be able to choose which crematorium is used, they will endeavour to use the facility that is closest to you should you opt for an unattended service.

Attendees – For an additional fee, up to eight mourners may attend the cremation at a Westerleigh crematorium of your choice. It’s worth bearing in mind that this option is not available with many other direct cremation providers. 

Funeral Plan – In addition, Distinct Cremations offers a pre-payment plan for each of their unattended and attended direct cremation services. Open to anyone over the age of 18, the plan may be paid either in full, or the cost may be spread over twelve monthly instalments. Additionally, if you are aged between 50 and 74, you may opt to pay in monthly instalments for five or ten years for an extra, age-dependent charge.

Customer Satisfaction – Distinct Cremations has achieved a very high rate of customer satisfaction, suggesting that a commitment to offering care and compassion doesn’t go out of the window when opting for simplicity and affordability.

Distinct Crematorium Locations

Distinct Cremations are owed by the Westerleigh group. A list of the Westerleigh crematoriums can be found on their website.

Distinct Direct Cremation Cost

What’s Included in the £895 Direct Cremation Funeral Price?

Distinct Cremations will provide the following services in their direct cremation funeral. Everything is included in the headline price, except for the optional extras for which there will be an additional, specified charge:

Services Available throughout Great Britain

Collection of the deceased from any hospital or public mortuary during office hours

Transfer to and care of deceased at the crematorium

An unvarnished, veneer chipboard coffin

Unattended cremation service

Delivery of the ashes to your chosen address

Option to have the ashes scattered in the Garden of Remembrance

Choice to be informed of the date of cremation

Paid Extras Include


Collection of the deceased from any residential address or care home


Collection of the deceased out of hours


Doctors Fee


Attendance of the cremation for up to eight mourners with a short, ten-minute service*

*Attendance of the cremation is offered as part of a separately listed Private Cremation Service. The additional charge shown is the price differential between the unattended Direct Cremation and the attended Private Cremation.


1. Following the cremation, the ashes will be delivered within fourteen days. This is quicker than the service offered by most other providers, but you will need to bear this timescale in mind if you wish to have the ashes present at a separate memorial service of your choosing.

2. Distinct Cremation offers an option to attend the cremation as part of a separately listed Private Cremation Service. Up to eight mourners may attend for a moment of quiet reflection at a ten-minute, early morning service held at a partner crematorium of your choosing. Music of your choice may be played while Distinct offers also a number of visual tributes which are available for additional prices.

3. The ashes will be returned in a simple, cardboard urn, but you may opt for a wooden urn for an additional £50.

4. Unless you hold a Distinct Cremations Funeral Plan, payment for the service will be taken in full by debit or credit card at the time of the arrangement. There is no credit option or payment plan available. This is in line with the service offered by most other providers.

Distinct Cremation Direct Cremations Vs Pure Cremation

Here’s how a Distinct Direct Cremation service compares to direct cremations offered by a selection of other providers. This table refers to the unattended Direct Cremation Service with the attended service listed as an optional extra

Servicedistinct-cremation-logopure cremation logocelebration-of-life-logosimplicity cremations logo
List Price£895£1,295£795£995
CoverageGreat BritainUKGreat BritainGreat Britain
Hospital or Public Mortuary CollectionYesYesYesYes
Residential Address or Care Home Collection+£200+£250+£250+£250
Out-of-Hours Collection+£250+£250+£250+£195
Doctors’ Fees+£82Yes+£82Yes
Dress for the DeceasedClothing at time of collectionClothing at time of collectionSimple GownSimple Gown
Option for Own ClothesYesYes+£50No
Removal of Medical DevicesYesYesYesAdditional Cost
Subject to Details
Removal of Jewellery+£50YesNoNo
CoffinUnvarnished Veneer ChipboardSolid WoodMedium Density FibreboardDark Wood Effect
Max. time between Collection and CremationUnspecified14 DaysUnspecifiedWithin a Few Days
Option to Attend+£400+£250-£400No+£400-£900
Option to be Informed of Cremation DateYesYesYesNo
Choice of CrematoriumAttended OnlyNo+Customised FeeAttended Only
Delivery of AshesYesYes+£100+£75
Max. Time for Ashes Delivery following Cremation14 Days21 Days>28 Days28 Days

Closest Competitor Service

Below we have listed the closest comparable product to the direct cremation service offered by Distinct Direct Cremation

CompetitorSimplicity Cremations
ServiceVery similar package of services with a few variations in terms of inclusion.
e.g. Simplicity charges extra for ashes delivery, Distinct it’s inclusive; Simplicity includes doctors fee, Distinct does not
DifferenceCMG (Simplicity) and Westerleigh Group (Distinct) have approximately the same number of crematoriums dotted around the country
ReviewRead our Simplicity Cremations Review

Distinct Direct Cremation Funeral Plans

In addition to an, ‘at need’ direct cremation service, Distinct Cremations offers a direct cremation funeral plan, which is suitable for those that are planning ahead

Headline Price
Payment Flexibility
Guaranteed Coverage
Customer Satisfaction

Distinct Direct Cremation Plan

A summary of the benefits of the cremation plan is below

Option 1. Direct Cremation Plan

An unattended direct cremation with the added services below

Option 2. Intimate Cremation Plan

All the features of option 1, but with a small 10 minute service with up to eight people.


Available to all adults aged 18 and over.


Opt for the Direct Cremation Plan for an unattended funeral, or the Intimate Cremation Plan for an attended funeral.


Covers all of the services of a Distinct Cremations Direct Cremation Funeral plus a number of other services such as doctors’ fees and out of hours collection.


Pay in full, or spread the cost in twelve monthly instalments.


If you are aged between 50 and 74 you may also opt to pay in monthly instalments for either five years or ten years for an additional, age-dependent charge.


No deposit is required, but an upfront contribution may be made to a plan paid over twelve months in order to reduce the cost of each monthly instalment.


If opting to pay in full or over twelve months, full redemption for the plan benefits is available once the plan is fully paid. If opting to pay over five or ten years, full redemption is guaranteed after twelve months of payments, even if you have not finished paying for the plan in full.


If paying in full or over twelve, monthly instalments, funds are protected in an investment trust. If paying over five or ten year monthly instalments, funds will be invested in whole of life assurance policies with Scottish Friendly.

Distinct Cremations Funeral Plan Cost

How Much Will I Pay?

Pricelist for Lump Sum and Twelve Monthly Instalment Payments

Number of InstalmentsDirect Cremation PlanIntimate Cremation Plan
Per MonthTOTALPer MonthTOTAL
Single Payment£1,499.00£1,799.00

Pricelist for Five and Ten Year Monthly Instalment Payments

Age at PurchaseFive Year PlanTen Year Plan
Direct Cremation PlanIntimate Cremation PlanDirect Cremation PlanIntimate Cremation Plan
Per MonthTOTALPer MonthTOTALPer MonthTOTALPer MonthTOTAL


1. If paying in full, redemption for the plan benefits is available if the beneficiary dies at any time – there is no waiting period or restriction.

2. If paying over twelve monthly instalments, redemption for the plan benefits is available after the plan is paid in full. If death occurs before the plan is paid for in full, the estate of the deceased has the option of paying the balance of the funds outstanding before claiming the benefits.

3. If paying in monthly instalments over five or ten years, redemption is available after the first twelve months of payments. Redemption is available within the first twelve months if death of the benef