transporting ashes from the uk to ireland

Taking Ashes to Ireland From the UK

To take ashes to Ireland you will need the death certificate, the cremation certificate, the deceased’s original passport & a Funeral Director’s declaration.

We explain how to get everything in order to make this as easy as possible for you.

taking ashes to ireland from the uk

Can You Take Ashes to Ireland?

Yes, you can take ashes to Ireland. There are multiple avenues open to you should you choose:

  1. Ashes can be taken on a plane with you, carried either in your hand luggage or hold
  2. Ashes can be transported to an international airport in Ireland and collected from there
  3. Ashes can be transported via road or sea to Ireland
  4. Ashes can be transported to an address of your choosing by a funeral director (not a courier)

Paperwork You Will Need

Regardless of how you choose to transport the ashes, you will need the following:

  • Death certificate
  • Cremation certificate
  • Passport of the deceased (can be expired)
  • Funeral Director’s declaration/Sealing certificate/customs sealing letter – Issued by a funeral director or crematorium, and states the ashes container is sealed and contains only the ashes of the deceased, alongside some of their personal information

We Can Transport the Ashes for You

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    Read our guide for more information about shipping ashes abroad

    Restrictions / Things to know

    You must transport ashes in an airtight container, preferably made out of security-friendly materials, so that they can be scanned at customs. Wood, plastic, ceramic, or zinc are security-friendly materials that many ash containers are made out of. If you’re transporting the ashes via road or sea, you don’t have to worry about the container being sealed or airtight, as that is only a requirement for air travel.

    If you’re travelling with ashes on a plane, you must ensure that the container is allowed under the airline’s policies before boarding, otherwise you may get refused travel. Every airline has a different policy on travelling with ashes, so to avoid disappointment we recommend researching their rules and regulations.

    If you’re flying with Ryanair (the most popular UK-to-Ireland airline), they will allow you to take ashes if you carry them in your carry-on luggage. They have a specific protocol for flying with ashes, so before you leave read what you need to take ashes on a Ryanair flight.

    Scattering Ashes in Ireland

    taking ashes from the uk to ireland and scattering ashes

    Scattering ashes in Ireland is legal on private ground, with permission from the landowner. If you’re not scattering them on private ground, you should seek permission from an appropriate authority.

    It is not legal to scatter ashes in all cemeteries, so ensure you’ve checked beforehand.

    There is no law against scattering ashes at sea, and unlike other countries, there is no minimum distance required from shore. If you’re interested in scattering ashes at sea, we’ve previously explained everything you need to know.