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Scattering ashes on the water is a great way to give a loved one a meaningful and appropriate send-off; not to mention, the presence of water afterwards can be quite comforting. We have one boat that offers this service throughout the year from Brighton Marina. The information for this trip, including the type of boat, associated costs, catering options, number of people allowed, parking options, and so on, can be found below. For more information or to check availability, fill the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
We look forward to having you aboard and helping you fulfil all of your loved one's wishes

Our Boats

Brighton Boat

Type of Boat: Aquastar 33
Number of Passengers: 10
Cost from: £125
Are refreshments available? Yes
All Religions Catered for? Yes
Parking: Yes
Toilet on board: Yes
Disabled Access? The boat door insint side enough for a wheelchair, so a few steps are required
Music Available: Yes

scattering ashes at sea Brighton

The boat takes you and your friends and family (no more than 10) out from the Marina into the sea. The trip takes about 90 minutes, with a stop at a suitable location off the Brighton coast so you can conduct your ceremony, pour the ashes into the sea, and put in any floral tributes or other devotional items (everything must be biodegradable).

Boat Booking

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      Permissions, Laws & Regulations for Scattering Ashes in Brighton

      There's no law objecting to cremated remains being scattered over water in Brighton, provided it doesn't harm wildlife and the environment or cause distress to members of the public. In fact, the Environment Agency dictates that whatever is thrown overboard must be biodegradable. For this reason, anything that contains plastic or metal parts must not enter the water as it can cause litter and harm wildlife. There are several other guidelines but don't worry, we will guide you through all of them.

      Tips for families when scattering ashes

      • Stick to biodegradable materials
      • Check the weather conditions (we will make sure to keep you informed)
      • Stay upwind to ensure the ashes blow away from you and the guests.
      • Spread the ashes as close to the water surface as possible
      • Have wipes or water ready in case the ashes blow about to your skin or that of the other guests
      • Summer months are gentler
      • Don't be shy to ask for any help

      Why Use a Our Boats?

      • Total privacy
      • You can reach the west and palace pier
      • Views of the whole coast, choose your own scattering location
      • We have experience with ash scattering ceremonies
      • Our dedicated staff will help you ensure you and your loved one's wishes are fulfilled

      Urns for Scattering at Sea

      All of our water urns are made of biodegradable material such as paper or cardboard, natural salt or other plant-based materials. We would be happy to provide an urn if you wish, alternatively, you can provide your own but we must stress that it needs to be water safe and approved to be 100% biodegradable.

      parcel water urn floating
      navy parcel water urn
      Biodegradable Urns

      Parcel Urn

      Sand urn
      blue wave urn
      blue urns

      Coastal Urn

      elegant biodegradable urn
      opal biodegrable urn
      Biodegradable Urns

      Elegant Biodegradable Urn

      quartz biodegradable urn
      sand water urn
      Biodegradable Urns

      Oval Coastal Urn



      Below we have listed some of the most frquestly asked questions, please feel free to contact us if you have more.

      • Are children allowed on board, and is it safe?
      • Yes, they are allowed. Plus, high railings around the boat and non-skid decks help keep children safe.
      • Will I get seasick?
      • The water waves do cause a little bit of rocking. So, if you're worried about becoming seasick, consider taking a dose of anti-motion sickness medication beforehand.
      • Can I/we visit the scattering site later?
      • We provide the time and the exact latitude and longitude where the ashes are scattered, so you can go back to that spot for any memorial you may have in mind later on.